Strange Music is expanding the roster outside of their core members. In 2011, the indie label signed the Miami-based band ¡Mayday!, who brought their hip-hop/rock fusion into the Strange Music fold. Three years later, Tech reached out to Murs to welcome him into the Strange Music family as well. "We love Murs,” Tech said in an interview with XXL last month. “We toured with Murs. He’s a brother. He has lyrics. He qualifies. Anybody who says different, they don’t have lyrics, they lying. He has lyrics. He can tour with us and endure. He’s a visionary. He has Paid Dues. He qualifies.”

Tech continued on to say that Murs and ¡Mayday! sound really good together. The guys seem to agree, too. “We were lucky enough to do a song for our first album on Strange called 'Hardcore Bitches' together,” Bernz says of the Take Me To Your Leader record. “It became a staple at our shows. Fans love it. It was like people already knew that we sounded good with him. It was a natural thing.”

Now, Strange Music’s newest artists collaborate for ¡MursDay!, their album that dropped today (June 10) which combines two drastically different styles to make something remarkable. Studying great trios like the Beastie Boys and De La Soul, as well as the four-man Leaders Of The New School, they hoped to bring the same energy and flair for their summer-ready album. After giving fans a taste with “Tabletops," "Serge's Song" and “Here,” we had Murs, Wrekonize and Bernz share five songs everyone should check for on the LP. From “Brand New Get Up” to their party-starter “Spiked Punch,” consider this the official breakdown before copping the album.—Eric Diep