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Game's beef with Lil Durk seemingly accelerated even further yesterday when he dropped his video for "Bigger Than Me," which followed up his lyric, "Your Freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft ass niggas/Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises" by holding up a copy of the XXL 2014 Freshmen cover, which features Lil Durk, and ripping it in half. It wasn't the most pointed diss—after all, he took down the rest of the Freshmen class along with Durk, and fired shots at a lot of others on the track as well—but it was a continuation of a beef that has been broiling for over a month now, with diss tracks on either side, music videos, and other rappers jumping into the fray.

But this particular beef didn't originally start with Game and Durk; initially, it was an issue between Durk and Tyga that sparked off the war of words. Here's a timeline of everything that's gone down so far, and how things have gotten to this point. —Dan Rys


April 26

Lil Durk hops on the remix to Lil Herb's "ChiRaq" and shares a snippet of his verse on Instagram, which includes the line, "Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain’t got one stripe/You backpack," seemingly out of nowhere.


April 29

In an interview with XXL, Durk explains that the source of the beef originated over a line he rapped on the upcoming French Montana/Chris Brown track "Get That Money" where he said he wanted Tyga's girlfriend Blacc Chyna. Chris Brown played the song for Tyga, and Tyga asked Durk to change the line; Durk agreed, stipulating that he'd change the words if Tyga hopped on a song with him. In Durk's opinion, Tyga then curved Durk and never sent back the song they were supposed to do together, which sparked the beef.


May 4

After the "ChiRaq" remix featuring Meek Mill, Shy Glizzy and Durk drops, Tyga posts a snippet of his response track on Instagram, which includes the line, “Who the fuck is Lil Durk?/I’ll dust you like ash and purp/ Your flows wack, my flows crack.”


May 4

Later that day, Durk takes to his Twitter account to unleash a thinly veiled threat, saying, "Everytime a nigga rap beef he get clapped up in a couple weeks ig comments and a couple tweets Location on we can go and meet #chiraq."


May 6

Tyga drops "ChiRaq To LA," which features Game, and is the first indication that Game is involved in the beef. Tyga calls Durk "small" and reminds him that T-Raww was nominated for a Grammy, but Game's bars don't hold back against the Chicago rapper, either, with lines like, "I don't fuck with no new niggas/They like to sue, no woo nigga/Tyga hit me like 'Durk dissing'/Dirk Nowitzki? Durk who nigga?/Never heard of these niggas/Some of the nerve of these niggas/Don't make me put on burgundy nigga/Let the AK I'm serving these niggas/Yo T-Raww, time to murder these niggas," and, "Lil Durk under a lil dirt (And nobody knows you)/"Dis Ain't What They Want (Nobody knows you)/Bitch I thought that was Future's song!/(I'm bout to show you)/You done caught yourself a Little L dog (Man nobody knows you)/You heard of Lil Durk? Nigga, hell nah!"


May 6

The day that "ChiRaq To LA" comes out, Compton Menace shares a few choice words for Game on Twitter, saying, "This nigga take on everybody beef .. But his," and Durk responds by tweeting, "@ComptonMenace I'm on his ass squad." Durk also shares his thoughts on Game getting involved by tweeting, "He needed that help his ass was finished lol" and "Wtf tyga was talkin bout lol he let game get all the song so tyga can feel tuff."


May 7

Chief Keef, an old Durk affiliate who Game name-checked positively on the diss track, posts the "ChiRaq To LA" artwork on his Instagram, siding with Game and Tyga in the issue. Durk responds on Twitter, claiming that Keef supporting the West Coast rappers equates to him saying "Fuck Chiraq."


May 7

G-Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys—also name-checked by Game, though positively, on "LA To ChiRaq"—jumps into the fray, remixing "ChiRaq" again and aiming shots at Game such as, “You don’t know shit about Chiraq/Dickriding me to get a pass, you don’t know the G-Count like that,” and, “As far as Chicago riding with you, point ‘em out, them who?/Show me ‘xactly who you talking about, I’ll green light it on them too.” He drops a video for the track, re-titled "Fuck The Game Up," the next day.


May 9

Despite saying he was working on a response track featuring the incarcerated Bump J two days earlier, Lil Durk's management confirms to XXL that Durk isn't going to respond to Tyga or Game on wax, saying that everybody in Chicago is on Durk's side.


May 15

T.I. wades into the fray and settles the beef between G-Count and Game.


June 16

After a month of silence, Game releases "Bigger Than Me," which takes shots at a lot of people, but also the XXL 2014 Freshmen cover, which features Durk.


June 18

Game drops the video for "Bigger Than Me" and rips a copy of the XXL Freshmen cover in half.


June 19

Lil Durk gives an interview on the ThisIs50 saying he'd holla at Game's ex-fiancee, and insinuates that Tyga paid Game to get on "ChiRaq To LA."

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.22.47 AM

June 30

During BET Awards 2014 weekend, Game and Lil Durk meet and officially squash their beef. Game took to Twitter to share the news stating, "My Big homie "G Weed" put @lildurk_ on the phone wit me. Shit is DEAD ! We chopped it up like REAL NIGGAS & both sides respect each other."