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Matthew Heller got more than turnt up when he attended a Juicy J concert in Ybor City, Florida earlier this year. He got a damaged truck and a note from the culprits; the police. Heller explained it to WFLA News Channel 8. “I come outside, jump in the truck, and the whole thing’s been torn apart inside, wires had been yanked out, the paneling had some scratches on it…”

According to the note left for Heller, The vehicle was searched for marijuana due to a strong odor coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. After the search no drugs were found and the ransacked truck was left with a note from the Tampa Police Department. Heller, who uses the truck for his business was not happy at the damage.

“I’ve got my whole life savings into this truck. It’s like a marketing tool for my business to promote the air horns and everything, just...The horns weren’t working, all the electronics were ripped out.”

The cops story about smelling weed doesn't exactly pass the sniff test according to Heller. “It was all sealed up, a parked vehicle in a private parking lot for a hip hop concert in Ybor,” Heller said. “There were all kinds of smells, everywhere around here.”

Now Heller is looking for the police to pay for the damage from the search which was conducted without a warrant. The cops are holding to their story that the search was legal.

"You think if anyone is going to break into your car in Ybor, the last person you think is going to be the cops."

Watch video below:

WFLA News Channel 8

[The Blaze / WFLA]