When you meet you idol for the first time, there's a chance that you might be at a loss of words. That was the case for XXL Freshman, Jon Connor, when he met Eminem for the first time. During an interview with MTV, he recalled meeting Eminem and how special it was for him.

“When I met Em, I was just glad I got a chance to tell him like, Yo, being from Michigan, thank you, for the road that you’ve paved, for me to come and be able to do what I’m doing,” he said. “For me to get to have that moment, it was indescribable. And for him to be a cool dude was just icing on the cake…It actually kind of intensified the way I felt about his music.”

The newly named freshman was signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath last year. Connor is definitely in a great position by just having Dr. Dre and Eminem on his corner. Expect Connor Season to be in full effect.