It's been a hell of a week for Dr. Dre. The progenitor of G-Funk sold his stake in Beats Electronics, the company he co-founded with Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine, to Apple for $3.2 billion last week, and his sudden ascension to the richest man in hip-hop—with wealth estimated just shy of a full billion—has come with its share of perks. One of those is reported to be the Key to the City of Compton, his LA hometown and the setting for such classics as "California Love" with Tupac from the mid-1990s.

But Dre's not the only rapper to receive a key to the city—Mac Miller received the Key to Pittsburgh late last year, while Tyler, The Creator wanted the Key to Boulder, Colorado so much that he staged his own ceremony, giving himself a fake honorary key. Impressively creative as always, Tyler. From Diddy to Pitbull, Baby Jay to Busdriver, here are 19 times when a member of the hip-hop community has received a Key to The City. Keys open doors. —Dan Rys

dr dre key to the city

After his monumental deal with Apple went final last month, Dr. Dre's stock rose astronomically. The man who is now worth $790 million, made his first public debut appearance with Apple during the Worldwide Developers Conference, according to Appleinsider, today. (June 2nd)

The dynamic rapper-producer made his first official debut with Apple through a phone call he received from Apple software chief Craig Federighi.

"Dre said that he's excited to begin life at Apple,” according to a story on apple insider, "before joking about what time he'd have to show up to work every day in order to beat notoriously early-rising Chief Executive Tim Cook.”

The deal doesn't involve Dr. Dre's headphone line. The $3 billion deal revolves around it's streaming service, which will certainly bolster Apple in the streaming world.