DJ Mustard and YG are living a 'krazy' life for real it would seem. Rumors were flying this past weekend after DJ Mustard and YG performed in the Bay Area. According to TMZ while at a San Francisco club Mezzanine, Mustard and YG's team faced off with Mister Fab’s crew.

The hitmaking producer and his partner took to Instagram to set things straight. Mustard posted a video captioned "Who got robbed last night @yg who got slapped @yg??? Kill the noise !!!! We walked in the same way we walked out !!!! #MKL #10summers !!! Much love to all the real niggas in the bay !!!"

The friction seemed to stem from Mustard's comments about F.A.B. F.A.B. has been critical of Mustard and has said that he has lifted the Bay's sound for his hit-making production style. Mistah F.A.B. has come out since the rumors started circulating and said that though the animosity between the two crews were at a high, nothing physical occurred that night.

Check footage of the confrontation and Mustard & YG's response below.