The age-old scenario of the apprentice challenging the master seems to go back as far as recorded history itself. MTV recently unearthed J. Cole's such moment for a segment commemorating the fifth anniversary of his The Warmup mixtape. In the five-year-old video, a young Cole confidently tells his current label boss Jigga, “Jay Z I got a few projects I’d like to get you on, if you’re not scared.” After viewing the video with Sway, Cole remarks, "I was bugging," before revealing the viral was recorded on his birthday in 2009, a month before he signed with Hov's Roc Nation imprint.

The N.C. MC went on to talk about how his relationship with Jay has matured over the years saying, “Now it’s an actual relationship. I feel like I know him a lot better.”

Check out the clip, below.

[via MTV]