50 Cent is looking forward to 2014 being a successful year. With G-Unit reuniting, his new show Power debuting on Starz and Animal Ambition peaking at the top of the charts; he’s already off to a great start.

So far his first independent LP has moved 47, 000 in its first week.  Fif is hoping to do the same with Street King Immortal when it drops September 16.

“I’m satisfied with the momentum, because it’s building to what I need it to be for Street King Immortal,” he told MTV of Animal Ambition’s sales. “Just the excitement of having everybody back around too. It’s adding to the momentum, because they’re hearing more music from me, or G-Unit. It’s all my music.”

50 explained that Animal Ambition has helped him redefine his core audience and figure out who’s behind him. He also admitted that success was tricky, once you get it its always someone out there who wants to take it from you.

“They enjoy it in the very beginning because it’s confirmation that they can be successful, because you’re not coming from very much. [But] when you keep being successful in front of them they go — ‘If you don’t move, how am I gonna have a chance to be successful?’”

Watch 50 Cent's full interview below.

[via MTV]