13 Jaw-Dropping Rihanna And Shakira Gifs

My computer exploded and I wasn’t even mad. Years of work were lost, a macbook pro was sent to its grave, and an entire block in Brooklyn almost caught fire, all because the Rihanna and Shakira music video for ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’, randomly popped up on MTV and the effects of its heat were devastating. C

The video is mind-blowing. It’s like I’m watching Captain Planet being summoned by the planeteers, only the planeteers are two of the hottest women in the game, and Captain planet is a Booty god brought forth to shake until the polaroid picture melts.

Enjoy these Gif highlights from the music video, and have a fire extinguisher ready. You’ve been warned.

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  • Daniel

    the song’s ok but the video is.. damn! Shakira is fine as f*** and RiRi ain’t half-bad herself

  • fuckinyogirl

    god damnn!! both these two sluts looking fine as fuck!!

  • YungSauce

    Lol that forehead is a threat

  • wei sheng

    as men we’ve been programmed to think that two women feeling and touching each other is sexy, well im here to tell who ever, it’s not. if you can watch two women then you can watch two men. do you think women like seeing two men do the same? #thinkdifferent this is wack in so many ways #talentless #puppets

  • Black Jay

    Millionaire strippers….. How do you explain this to a little girl?

  • Aaron Minicudi

    did they just copy beautiful liar?