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After Ab-Soul admitted earlier that he was on the brink of leaking his album, the internet went bonkers. While that would probably be the best thing for fans, TDE's CEO Top Dawg, chimed in and killed all possibility of that happening.

Top Dawg went on Twitter and lashed out at the idea of a leak and through a series of tweets, tried to justify the wait for Soulo's new album.

"Listening 2 some new @jayrock shit got me pumped... Also @abdashsoul updates Monday....#TDE,” one Top Dawg tweet said.

His next tweet said, "I DARE A NIGGA ON MY TEAM LEAK HIS ALBUM.....#TDE.”


Finally he ended it by saying, "YOU CANT RUSH GREATNESS…….”


Hopefully this expedites the release of Soul's album and we can get a date for the former XXL Freshman.