Now that he has reached a point in his career where he is finally comfortable with his personal and professional life, Nas is using his wealth to spread good. Yesterday afternoon, the Street's Disciple announced that he has partnered with the educational company Koru to start the Nas Scholarship Fund which will assist top graduates in making successful college-to-career transitions with high-growth firms.  "I know how hard it can be to carve out your path and purpose in life," said Nas in a statement. "The young people going through Koru are gritty, book smart and street smart. The program gives them an opportunity to put those smarts to work. I can't wait to work directly with them and share what I've learned through my own life experiences."

The Nas Scholarship Fund will give financial aid and life coaching from Nas to selected students. The first Nas scholarship recipients will participate in the program starting in June and will take place in Seattle. Once the school year begins in September, Koru will offer programs in both Seattle and San Francisco. Along with beginning the Nas Scholarship Fund, the Queensbridge MC also made a significant investment in Koru.