When Lil Wayne's new song with Drake "Believe Me,", hit the internets a couple weeks back the Carter V thirst jumped back to the forefront of diehard fans' minds. Now with rumors of an accompanying tour starting to swirl that thirst will only grow.

YMCMB artist Lil Twist hit his Twitter yesterday and possibly spilled the beans on the Young Money boss' summer plans. "touring with my big brother this summer!!!! #C5 .... #TheGoldenChild2 #BadDecisions" he posted.

The "#C5" has hip-hop heads assuming that Twist is referring to Wayne upcoming album. An impending tour is a good indicator that the project will see the light of day soon. Recently Soulja Boy, who produced "Yass Bish" for Nicki Minaj, spoke about contributing to Wayne project as well. Yet another reason to believe its coming sooner than later.

In spite of the possible overshare from Lil Twist, no official announcement of tour dates has been released yet.