Gangsta Boo and La Chat are reconnecting to bring hardened hip-hop on their forthcoming album, Witch. The two Memphis, Tenn. natives have created their own lanes separately and had gained success in their careers. With strong debuts like Boo's Enquiring Minds in 1998 and Chat's Murder She Spoke in 2001, the veterans decided to join together out of mutual respect. Witch features production by DJ Paul, Drumma Boy and The Colleagues, as well as selected guests like Canadian pop singer Fefe Dobson and Hypnotize Minds’ Lil Wyte. Ahead of its May 27 release, XXL spoke with Gangsta Boo to get a preview of her collaborative album with La Chat. —Eric Diep

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“B!tchy” featuring Mia X

Produced By: DJ Paul

Gangsta Boo: Mia X has been a friend of mine, a mentor of mine for a very long time. We’ve always kept in touch and she wanted to be a part of the project. I didn’t just want to put her on the song that was just a regular or average song. I wanted to put her on something that stood out and represented really strong for the ladies and our fans. I just picked that record because Paul produced the beat. I pretty much started [by] sending him an a capella of the hook and he made the beat around that. I chose him as the producer because of the history and chemistry that we had. I could have picked any producer that I wanted to use. DJ Paul, Mia X, Gangsta Boo and La Chat on the same track is just epic.

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“Can't Sit With Us”

Produced By: Lil Jay

Gangsta Boo: It’s a song by Lil Jay, the producer from Crime Mob. He did “Rock Yo Hips” and “Knuck If You Buck” A lot of their original classics. I decided to use him for this particular song because it got that ATL vibe. That whole southern feel-good vibe and he captured that pretty well. It’s called “Can’t Sit With Us.” You can’t sit with us.

I got inspired off Instagram. Some women say Mean Girls, but I am used to see a lot of nice-looking women post their pictures and they’ll be like, "Hey, where are you at? Did I tell you can’t sit with us?" I like to write songs that catch and taking court. When I wrote “Can I Get Paid (Stripper's Anthem),” it was a strip-club anthem, I got that from my homegirl who was a stripper. "Yo, what are y’all saying in the strip club?" She was like, "Uh, get your broke ass out the club if you don’t tip." I just took that and ran with it. So I saw a lot of people using the "You can’t sit with us" quote and I was like, "Let me make a song out of this shit," because everybody is saying it already. It’ll stick quicker.

It’s a dope little melody. It’s hard to explain. It’s just a really nice, feel-good, summer track. Me and Chat going back and forth on the chorus and the last four bars of the chorus I am just saying, “You can’t sit with us. You can’t sit with us.” You know, it’s hard to explain. You just have to listen to it and check it out. It’s really dope. If you know the “Rock Yo Hips” song and you know the “Knuck If You Buck” you kind of know what lane I am going.

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“Witch Brew” featuring Fefe Dobson

Produced By: Will Power

Gangsta Boo: “Witch Brew,” is number one. It’s the intro. Fefe Dobson is on it. I actually didn’t know she would be singing on the hook. Will Power did the beat, he produced one of Yelawolf’s biggest beats [for] “Pop The Trunk.” Stupid views on YouTube. That’s when I actually first heard of Yelawolf on his song “Pop The Trunk” and Will Power gave me that exact same vibe. He sent me the beat back with the chorus. I didn’t have to tell him what to do or nothing. And it’s a real spooky chorus. Sounds very haunting and enchanting. It sounds really dope and I’m excited about that one because it really caters to the title of the album which is Witch. “Witch Brew”! It’s me, Chat, Fefe, and Will Power did the beat.

I don't like beats that sound like a Three 6 Mafia beat unless it's Juicy J or DJ Paul sending me the beat. I don’t like people to try and mimic a sound, and I pretty much go to those producers if I need that sound. I just like them to be in-tune with their own sound, but captivate my sound where it's not like they are biting. When Will Power sent me the beat with the hook on it already, I was like, "Damn, he really in-tune with his production." He know what he doing as a producer. I just look for shit that don’t really sound like nothing I’ve already done. Really, professional sounding tracks, I don’t need anything immature ‘cause I am not an immature artist.

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“On That” featuring Lil Wyte

Produced By: Drumma Boy

Gangsta Boo: Produced by Drumma Boy, it’s called “On That.” We dropped that first. It’s on iTunes. We only dropped that to get something out there and warm people up, letting them know that we are working. And a video is on my YouTube page at It’s fun working with Wyte. It’s fun working with the original Hypnotize Minds Camp Posse.

That was my first time really working with him. I’ve known about Lil Wyte for a long time. I’ve never really worked with him or whatever. I’ve never really cared to meet him or whatever because I never really liked working with anybody that was still around Three 6 after I left because that was my attitude at the time. But once I got around him and got to know him, he’s very helpful in the studio and creative. A cool cat. It’s fun working with him.

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“Thelma & Louise”

Produced By: iBeatz Productions

Gangsta Boo: “Thelma & Louise” is dope. It’s pretty much about me and La Chat just being in the industry for a very long time. How no matter what, you are going to pay us Tennessee girls respect. We’ve been around for a long time and we are still around. It’s not easy and we pretty much got this shit together and we are gonna remain together. We are just gonna do whatever we got to do together as far as this project goes and continue our friendship. On some Thelma & Louise, Bonnie & Clyde-type shit. It’s a dope track. It’s got live guitar in it. It kind of gives you a Western vibe. The beat is very, very sick. It’s real instrumental.

"Thelma & Louise" is a good one. I think the fans will like it because it's two strong females representing one track but we are talking about the survival of the fittest of the game. I remember when Foxy and Kim tried to do it a long time ago. They never did. No females seems to get their collaboration out. I just decided to be one of the first ones to do it with La Chat. As far as the movie goes, I can’t tell you two things about the movie. I'd be lying to you. [Laughs] I just know the name and the brand.

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