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Jay-Z Beyonce

In light of their recent family drama with Solange in an elevator, speculations continue to accumulate surrounding an unhappy Carter/Knowles household. A faded marital tattoo on Beyoncé ring finger now has fans wondering if she has been quietly getting the sentimental token removed.

The power couple were spotted court side at a couple basketball games just days after news broke about the Solange/Jay-Z throw down, which is when photographers noticed something was a little different about Bey. Not only was she not wearing her beautifully cut diamond wedding ring, but her "IV" tattoo was almost unrecognizable.

Has Beyoncé been getting her tattoo removed?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé began dating when they were 19, going through stages of being "Crazy in Love", "Dangerously in Love" and now "Drunk in  Love". The two declared their love in an extremely permanent way by tattooing "IV" (roman numeral four) on their ring fingers. The number four plays a significant role for both the Brooklyn native and Houston singer, including their birthdays (Jay's Dec. 4, Bey's Sept. 4), their favorite number, as well as, their wedding date (Apr.4).

The tattoo, or what's left of it, now resembles a red blemish as if she had a laser removal procedure done. Spectators were quick to rule out a simple "tattoos fade all the time" excuse there's no way someone with that much money would let something as important as a marital tattoo look anything less than presentable.

Beyoncé shows off her wedding ring and wedding tattoo in 2010

Hollywood and fans alike gravitated towards the way the artists awoke a different side in each other, which is why most hope trouble in paradise isn't everlasting.