[Ed. Note: As of May. 28, 2014, this piece has been updated with the recent news of Busta Rhymes. Enjoy.]

Well it was reported earlier that Busta Rhymes owes the IRS north of three quarters of a million dollars in unpaid federal taxes. According to documents they have obtained Bussa Bus has been hit with tax liens of $611K for 2008 and additional $178K in 2012. The grand total comes in at $789,577.90.

Busta is not the only rapper that has run into major problems with the Internal Revenue Service in recent years. An unfortunate trend in hip-hop has found that many rappers are failing to pay their taxes and it's costing them in both their bank accounts and in many cases, their freedom. XXL is looking back at the rappers who are failed to settle their bill with the Tax Man.