Much like molly was the buzz word for viral hits in 2012 and 2013, we are now, like it or not, firmly in the age of lean. Sure, sizzurp has been in the game for decades, emerging out of the depths of the Houston underground and firmly into the mainstream with DJ Screw, UGK, the Swishahouse factory and Three 6 Mafia. It killed Screw and Pimp C, ruined (or helped, depending on your perspective) Gucci Mane, was a consistent crutch for Soulja Boy and did an unfortunately fantastic job of nearly leading to a premature end to Lil Wayne.

Recently, the Atlanta scene has been a hotbed of the stuff, with everyone from Future to Migos to Young Thug and everyone in between rapping about their favorite double cups. After Rich Homie Quan was rushed to the hospital this week after suffering two seizures while on the set of his new music video, the overwhelming suspicion was that Quan was downing lean, too. But despite its serious and well-documented health risks, it seems that rappers can't stay away—or stop rapping about it. XXL has compiled a list of 40 songs that reference lean specifically—not purple drank, not sizzurp, but, to quote Young Thug, L-E-A-N-I-N-G/Lean lean lean lean lean lean-lean-lean. From 2 Chainz to Nas, check out the rappers dropping references to that purple stuff. —Dan Rys

Juicy J

"Two Cups Stuffed"

Young Thug
Project: 1017 Thug
Lyric: "L-E-A-N-I-N-G/Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean lean lean" or the hook, "Uno dos cups stuffed!/Uno dos cups stuffed!/Uno dos cups stuffed!/Uno dos cups stuffed!"

young thug ryanmuir

Photo: Ryan Muir

"Hannah Montana"

Project: Young Rich Niggas
Lyric (by Quavo): "Hannah Montana I'm sellin' them bricks out the Phantom/Got Hannah Montana I'm drinking the lean out the Fanta"

migos sxsw


2 Chainz
Project: Codeine Cowboy
Lyric: "Yeah, I'm on that gas/And yeah, I'm on that lean/We mix it all together and we call it gasolean"

2 chainz

"Thorns And Horns"

Lupe Fiasco featuring Ab-Soul
Project: Single
Lyric (by Ab-Soul): "I got some lean up in my Sprite/I call it the Jesus Juice/What would Jesus do? Whoo!"


"Work (Remix)"

A$AP Ferg featuring A$AP Rocky, French Montana, ScHoolboy Q and Trinidad Jame$
Project: Trap Lord
Lyric (by French Montana): "Baby don't pray for me, pray for the weak/I'm drinkin' lean, it help me sleep/Illuminati? I'm from the streets/Never sold my body, we takin' bodies"


"Ight Doe"

Chief Keef
Project: N/A
Lyric: "I don't drink liquor but I sip lean, though/Bitch I payed 600 for this pint, though"

chief keef

"Float On"

Danny Brown featuring Charli XCX
Project: Old
Lyric: "Can't get a wink 'less I'm leaning off of syrup/Dreaming of my past like a nightmare so I wake up"

danny brown


Fat Trel featuring Rockie Fresh
Project: Gleesh
Lyric: "You can try but I really dont fight/Drinkin' lean finna catch me a flight"

fat trel

"Drug Parade"

Flatbush Zombies featuring Danny Brown
Project: BetterOffDead
Lyric (by Meech): "Join the regime/Whole sheet of LSD for the team/Eyes low, sour dies[el]/She sippin' that Jeremy Lean"

flatbush zombies

"Like Woah"

Fredo Santana
Project: It's A Scary Site 2
Lyric: "Man I smoke a lot of O's/Sip lean and I fuck a lot of hoes/Got a big ass gun (woah)/And that bitch gonna blow like woah"

Fredo Santana


Project: Honest
Lyric: "My ambitions as a rider/Sippin' on lean getting higher/Nigga I'm a codeine buyer/No you not a foreign whip driver"



Lil Wayne featuring Juicy J
Project: I Am Not A Human Being II
Lyric (by Juicy J): "Hit the weed man, tell him that I need a bag/Wake up every morning and I take a drag/Take the blunt, dip it in the lean then I laugh/In your baby mama ear and I'm gonna smash"

Lil Wayne

"I Heard"

Gucci Mane featuring Rich Homie Quan
Project: Trap House 3
Lyric: "She suck the dick like no teeth/She on her knees like she got no knees/It's three and we ain't got no lean/Gotta call somebody need more PT"

gucci mane

"Servin' Lean (Remix)"

PeeWee Longway featuring A$AP Rocky
Project: N/A
Lyric (by A$AP Rocky): "Since my early teens, I been sitting clean, mixing, sipping lean/With the leader, up in illy beamers, that's a misdemeanor, FEMA"

ASAP Rocky


Jarren Benton
Project: Freebasing With Kevin Bacon
Lyric: "You put the codeine in the Sprite/And then you mix it all up/Then you sip it slow/That's how them killas get fucked up/We call it Lean"

jarren benton

"Smoke A Nigga"

Juicy J featuring Wiz Khalifa
Project: Stay Trippy
Lyric: "Cali weed in a dutch/Purple lean in my cup/Smokin' while I'm drivin'/Nigga we be fucked up"

juicy j


Kevin Gates
Project: Stranger Than Fiction
Lyric: "Gladiators on deck/Drug user, don’t drink sprite/And when I do, it ain't pink sprite/A lot of lean, it’s purple"

kevin Gates

"Iz U Down"

Kid Ink featuring Tyga
Project: My Own Lane
Lyric: "Just pour me up, higher/I’m sippin' lean like I’m on a fuckin' diet/L.A. nigga, 'bout to start a fuckin' riot/Why you tryna deny it?"

kid ink

"My Hoes They Do Drugs"

King Louie featuring Juicy J and Pusha T
Project: Drilluminati
Lyric: "Now I don't know about you, cuz/My hoes they drugs/Pop a bean, pourin' lean/My hoes they do drugs/Now I don't know about you, cuz/My hoes they drugs/Poppin' Molly, rolling weed up"

king louie

"Drank In My Cup"

Kirko Bangz
Project: Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa
Lyric: "I'm in her head like Maybelline/H-Town so I'm made for lean/I'm in her soul, I make her scream/I don't ride the toll, don't pay the change"

kirko bangz


Lil Bibby
Project: Free Crack
Lyric: "Ain't enough smoke/Ain't enough lean/You ain't did what I did/You ain't seen what I've seen"

lil bibby

"2 Cups"

Lil Debbie featuring DollaBillGates
Project: N/A
Lyric: "All I need is two cups of some lean/And a bad bitch just to roll up my weed/Bended through the city with the gold on my teeth/Probably in the scrape with the 4's underneath"

lil debbie

"Dirty Sprite"

Project: Dirty Sprite
Lyric: "One, two cups keep my ice cool/Three or four zips have me leaning like a fool/Purple Sprite on top of ice/I'm rocking ice I'm dirty sprite"


"Bitches And Bottles (Let's Get It Started)"

DJ Khaled featuring Future, T.I. and Lil Wayne
Project: Kiss The Ring
Lyric (by Lil Wayne): "Man I'm on that lean/Liquor for the bitches/Who fuckin' wit me?/All I hear is crickets"

lil wayne woodies


Mac Miller
Project: Macadelic
Lyric: "Hear that Jerm beat banging with a glass of lean/When I went to every high school class would be/Tryna fuck the female faculty"

Mac Miller

"Zan With That Lean"

Soulja Boy featuring J-Money
Project: Juice
Lyric: "Zan with that lean/Soulja Boy be clean/True Religion jeans/Shit you never seen/Fresh up on that scene"

soulja boy

"Juicy J Can't"

Juicy J
Project: Blue Dream And Lean
Lyric: "Lean overflowing like New Orleans' broken levies/No relationship with hoes, I just want that Becky/I'm bout my money, I gets my fetti/Street nigga, North Memphis, bitch I still rep it"

juicy j

"I'm A Thug"

YG featuring Meek Mill
Project: N/A
Lyric (by Meek Mill): "She gon fuck the whole team/I be on lean/Sipping on purp/Me, my nigga Dean"

Meek Mill

Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage


Project: Solid Foundation
Lyric (by Quavo): "Money taller than mountains/Drinking lean out of damn water fountains/She so bad gave me erection or erode/Whatever you call it"


"Still Tippin'"

Mike Jones featuring Paul Wall and Slim Thug
Project: Honest
Lyric: "My gasoline always supreme/Got do-do to burn with a pint of lean/It takes grinding to be a King"

mike jones


DJ Khaled featuring Scarface, Nas and DJ Premier
Project: Kiss The Ring
Lyric (by Nas): "She slowed me down and had me guzzling on cups of lean/She's a middle-aged cougar, showing youngins the dream"


Photo Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images


Project: Who Is Que?
Lyric: "Might pop Molly, make the time move forward/Might sip lean so the time move slower"



Rocko featuring Future and Rick Ross
Project: Gift Of Gab 2
Lyric (by Future): "This a thousand dollar pair of shoes and U.O.E.N.O it/This a thousand dollar cup of lean and U.O.E.N.O it/This a half a million dollar car, U.O.E.N.O it/I came up from bottom, U.O.E.N.O it"


"Break The Bank"

ScHoolboy Q
Project: Oxymoron
Lyric: "Hid the gun in the trees, arrest me by the court/I just wanna smoke weed and sip lean by the quart"

schoolboy q

"Molly With That Lean"

Soulja Boy
Project: Single
Lyric: "Molly with that lean, rolling through the streets/Molly with that lean, bitch I do my thing"

soulja boy prayer hands

"Just Lean"

Tyga featuring Lil Wayne
Project: N/A
Lyric (by Lil Wayne): "Bad bitch, good weed, purple drank, just lean/Now just lean/Yeah/Just lean/Tell a bitch lean"


"Big Pimpin'"

Jay Z featuring UGK
Project: Vol. 3...Life And Times Of S. Carter
Lyric (by Pimp C): Smoking out, pouring up/Keep that lean up in my cup/All my car got leather and wood/In my hood we call it buck"

UGK Pimp C Bun B


Vic Mensa featuring Chance The Rapper
Lyric: "And I think it's that weed got me, I'm tweakin'/Maybe that lean got me, I'm tweakin'"

vic mensa

"The Chicago Falcon (Remix)"

Wale featuring The Budos Band
Project: The Mixtape About Nothing
Lyric: "Eye of the tiger, no I'm never lying/Seven shots down, I'm on that lean like a diet"


"My Nigga"

YG featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan
Project: My Krazy Life
Lyric: "You lookin' for some lean, lemme call my nigga/He sell it for the high, I need all mines, nigga"