You know things are bad when the headliner gets on stage and leads the crowd in a “F-ck you, Patrick!” chant. It’s a whole other level of bad when you’re the Patrick in question.

That’s the circumstance that Australian promoter/rapper Mastacraft found himself in during a recent appearance by Xzibit. Patrick Whyntie, who goes by Mastacraft, got into a charged confrontation with the West Coast MC backstage that included thrown furniture and verbal threats. Video has surfaced of the conflict with a none too pleased Xzibit expressing his dissatisfaction with a steel chair backstage at the Adelaide UniBar.

X-To-The-Z’s anger reportedly stemmed from the less than stellar treatment he received which included being forced to hail a cab in order to make it to sound check.

Mastacraft told the Sydney Confidential that he was in the middle of squashing a beef between his head of security and Xzibit’s people when he was attacked by X.

DJ Victor Lopez, who posted the video of the fight took to his Facebook page with his explanation of the events. He said that things went south when the former “Pimp My Ride” host was picked up at the airport in “a dodgy old Subaru with broken windows,” and later had to get to sound check on his own via cab.

After the blowup X hit the stage and spoke his piece saying, “You either a rapper or you a promoter. You know what I’m saying? You can’t do both.”

Since the show both Xzibit and Mastacraft have gone on social media giving their sides of the story.

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