With a slew of top 10 singles and a Grammy to his name, you could understand why T-Pain’s swagger is on ten.  Serving as one of music’s biggest innovators, T-Pain voiced his concerns with hip-hop’s lack of originality during his interview with Montana’s Zoo 107.5.

“At this point, I’m proud of myself and ready to show the world that they need me," he said when asked about his place in the game. "I think the game needs me, they need original content.”

Teddy goes on to explain that he’s the best to ever do it and that his absence has affected the game in more ways than one.

“I’ve always come out with something original and I don’t think anybody is doing that anymore,” he continued. “The game needs T-Pain and I’m the best to ever do this and I'm going to be the best to ever do this so why not just come back and give the people what they want.”

There’s no album date for Pain, as he admitted that he’s in “no big rush” to drop a project. Listen to the interview below:—Carl Lamarre