“Matter of fact, even when he [Eazy-E] made all his muthafukkin` money, he still left his mama there [Compton]. I guess that`s why god came and took him. He took care of that white boy Jerry, but didn`t take care of his own mama.” Suge Knight said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.


“Puffy be in all his artists` videos cause he wanted to be an entertainer and couldn`t make it. Then he wanna sit down with the white executives and talk about millions of dollars. You don`t see Tommy Mottola shakin` his ass in Mariah Carey`s videos. You don`t see Clive Davis in Whitney`s videos. You don`t see Jimmy Iovine all in Nine Inch Nails` sh!t. They just see him as a wanna be. He gives black entrepreneurs a bad name.”


When Suge Knight appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show back in February, he made headlines by comparing Game and Kendrick Lamar’s record deals to slavery. Yesterday, Suge did an interview with BET to clarify his comments and claimed that he wasn’t putting the artists down but rather speaking on the current state of the music industry and Interscope in particular.

“One of the things I said, not to put the artist down, it was to put the company down, saying, ‘Why is you treating my people like slaves?’ explains Knight. “Now, at the time these artists were signed to Interscope and they pretty much are signed to Interscope. So, we know it’s not Game making decisions over there. We know it’s not [the person] who Game signed to his production company. We know it’s not [Dr. Dre] who don’t know what goes on at Aftermath. We all know it’s Interscope and Universal. The person who’s dictating what’s going on at Interscope is Jimmy Iovine.”

Knight continued,“So when I turned around and said, ‘Wait a minute...Kendrick Lamar the best artist today, he from Compton. And Game was the best artist over there at Interscope and he from Compton'. And I said, 'Why is it they got the worst fucking deals over there?’ I broke it down and said that Game is signed. Universal get their money. Interscope get their money. Aftermath get their money. G-Unit get their money. And then the production company get their money. And then there’s Game. It’s not that much money moving around in the pot.”

In a separate clip, Knight sang the praises of YG and claimed that he is the best rapper out of Compton today and is the only MC that “made it and [didn't] bow down and show they had panties.”

Check the two clips below. -Peter Walsh