Fellow WU-Tang members may be a tad jealous of RZA.  In his interview with Vulture, he revealed that he was the only member who had the luxury of hearing their potential $5 million album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin in its entirety.

No, none of the members have heard the album. On the original 36 Chambers, that was how it was done. They didn’t hear it until I finished it and brought it back and showed them: “This is the album. This the work we put in. This is what I concocted,” said RZA.

RZA explained how his decision to not allow his group members to hear the album stemmed from their newly developed marketing strategy for the release of their project. However, he did allow “experts” to listen to the album and provide their opinions.

“This is different than that, so I don’t think the same course of action will follow. I’ve given the power of the situation over to some experts, and they’re going to take about two weeks to figure out exactly the proper course of action to take, and then we’ll announce it. And I’m going to take the expert opinion,” he said.

The album Once Upon A Time In Shaolinwhich took six years to put together—will be sold to the highest bidder.—Carl Lamarre