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12. Q-Tip

Q-Tip's star power nearly reached its apex when he dropped his solo debut, Amplified 1999—following Tribe's incredible run. The LP's lead single, "Vivrant Thing" help push the album to a gold plaque and its visual spearheaded the video vixen craze of the aughts. His follow up, Kamaal the Abstract was shelved indefinitely until it hit stores in 2009. Meanwhile, the year prior, Tip released his proper sophomore solo disc, The Reinaissance nine years after his debut. The LP didn't make much of a dent in the charts, but it was critically acclaimed.


Q-Tip shared a photo on Instagram of him and Dr. Dre in the studio. These two hip-hop legends in the studio together is already news itself however it's the caption that is more intriguing. The caption read "#detox #lastzulu #hideyodrummachines #beatsnrhymes"

Now Dr. Dre's long-awaited new album Detox has been in the works since 2001 and the information is scare at best. Will this album ever come out? Who knows, but until it is officially confirmed, fans will wait on it.