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Tupac was a revolutionary, a poet and a soldier.


There’s no question that Drake has worked himself into a power player in the hip-hop community. And while he is often both praised and lauded for his approach to music depending on who you speak to, behind closed doors, many called his last album Nothing Was The Same “sweet,”so says Papoose.

During an interview with VladTV, the Brooklyn MC addressed an older Instagram post that featured a Drake’s Coffee Cakes truck with the caption, “That nigga Drake album sweet #BKLN”. “A lot of people felt like that, that was the energy at the time about his album,” says Pap. “I just spoke about it, everybody was saying it behind the scenes, but they scared to say it publicly. I’m not one of them dudes.Not to say that he don’t make some good records from time to time, but that particular album, I felt like it was sweet.”-Peter Walsh

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