Nas sits down with Frannie Kelley and Ali Shaheed Muhammad in a new segment of Microphone Check on NPR to reflect on his two decade-and-counting rap career. The Queensbridge native discussed for 75 minutes about just about everything from the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, A Tribe Called Quest and rap’s new generation.

Ali asked Nas if he ever wants to mentor or give direction to some of the MCs of the new generations. "I mean, whoever wants to hear it, you know?" says Nas. "I met a few good guys out there, from Mac Miller to Bishop Nehru to Boldy James and Fashawn, and I'm looking forward to meet so many more of them. But whoever wants to chop it up, we go there. J.Cole is somebody that's really intuitive, somebody who's really smart beyond his years. I learn something when I talk to J.Cole. But he's always, always trying to find out some stories. If I see him, he's gonna get a story out of me."

Listen to the full interview below: