Seems Mannie Fresh is another hip-hop head impressed with Lebron James' rap skills. In an exclusive interview with TMZ, the music veteran spoke highly on Bron's rap game, stating that he's actually better than many rappers on the scene now.

"LeBron is a lot nicer than a lot of the rappers out right now," said Mannie. "He got a nice little flow. He was a little cocky with it ... I always like that in rappers. He was like 'S**t, I'm not backing down!". Further adding, "2 rings ... that was a dope line. Who knows, maybe we do this and LeBron's my partna -- and I'll be sitting courtside at the NBA Finals!"

Game also spoke on the basketball player's rapping skills stating that Lebron is “better than 88% of rappers rapping right now.”