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One half of The Cool Kids Chuck Inglish was a guest on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session. Inglish answered fans questions about everything from his favorite song he made, The Cool Kids and his top 3 favorite hip hop artists?.

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session below.


What is your favorite song that you've made? Have you ever had a moment where you go "Wow, I made that, and it sounds great!"?
Kid Cudi - Ashin' Kusher

Chuck, I feel like you and Mikey were waaayyy more influential than people give you credit for. Your whole style was ahead of its time, really. Yall were on that skinny jean biker boy shit when dudes was still rockin 7X white tees. You guys were doin shit that's hot now, like 7 years ago during the height of ringtone rap. Do you ever feel like "the game wasnt ready" for yall, or are you cool with your contribution and place within the game?
I feel like like we were hella early. That was the plan though, and where i'm at in my career to be young and have that type of contribution is good money.

Who are your top 3 favourite hip hop artists?

  1. Outkast
  2. Wu - Tang Clan
  3. Nas

What's a day in the life of chuck inglish like?
Ableton. Apple Tv. Blunts. Make Drum Loops for Shark Week. Ride around and listen to new songs i've made. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. In no particular order

Hey Chuck. what is your relationship to Michigan, and how did it influence your music
I was born there, grew up there, graduated from High School there. It was everything to my musical influence, because it was the location of my childhood. That was where i came up with the idea to make beats and my love for rap music in general

What artist influenced you that many wouldn't believe? And why did your LA show have to be 21+?
Good question, I would have to say Red Hot Chili Peppers. The show was 21 + because of the Free Drinks.

Chuck! Convertibles is my favorite release this year so far and I’m not looking to change that anytime soon. I already bought it and I’m hoping to pick up some vinyls for Game Time, Legs and Glam. You’re in my personal top 10 producers of all time and Cool Kids is one of my favorite hip hop duos of all time. I'm a HUUUUUUGE stan of yours.

  1. What do you think about your influence on today’s rappers/producers? Have any of them (notable names or not) come to you and talk about your influence on them?
  2. If you could compare Shark Week’s sound to any other Cool Kids album/tape, what would it be? Raps, production, subject matter etc.
  3. How do you feel about Cool Kids being labelled as Chicago, even though you’re from Michigan? Do you feel like you’re influenced more by Chicago hip hop or Michigan, or neither?
  4. You have some of the best drums in the game. How do you get them to be so crisp and clear?

Thank you man,

  1. Im happy to be blessed to be in a position to influence, so that in itself is very humbling. a lot of have made that known, its very cool to know that a majority of new artists and musicians have been influenced by our catalogue and the stuff we come up with
  2. Shark Week is something we will begin recording in the next month. we wanted to make this album completely from scratch. That sound is still in creation
  3. The Cool Kids are Chicago. Me being from Michigan is apart of that dynamic. The midwest is a musical melting pot, and the source and birthplace of several musical genres. That makes a big difference.
  4. Being a drummer, knowing that drums carry a songs rhythm and thats magic

So are we still expecting Shark Week this year? I'm really looking forward to it.
Shark Week will be released this year.

Most interesting backstory of one of your beats?
The beat i made in the kitchen for asher. I really made it in the kitchen though

Do you like Yung Lean
Yung Lean is the Future.

Is there any possibility you can release the version of Hoarse for Earl Sweatshirt that you did? Not sure if it’s legit, but there’s a video on youtube of Earl on a new beat of yours, it sounded really good.
There's a good chance of that. i've got to hit Earl.