Christ Bearer


In April 2014, Andre Johnson, who raps under the name Christ Bearer with Wu-Tang Clan subset Northstar cut off his penis in a failed suicide attempt. Doctors were unable to reattach the severed penis of rapper. Other members of Northstar who live in the same building as Christ Bearer said the self-mutilation came suddenly and without warning. They said Johnson was not on “any hard drugs.”

Big Lurch


Despite his undoubtedly rising career, working with rap greats like Too Short, Mac Dre, that didn't stop Big Lurch from doing the unthinkable. After a night of smoking PCP with a friend Yanis and Yanis’s boyfriend, Lurch grabbed a kitchen knife, ripped Yanis' lungs from her body and began eating bits of her flesh. Cops later found Lurch covered in blood and naked in the street.

Remy Ma


Locked up for 6 years now, Remy Ma will be freed in July stemming from a 2007 shooting incident. Although not charged with pulling the trigger, Remy is said to have rifled through the the victim's purse looking for stolen money, as she sat in the car seriously wounded with a bullet lodged in her torso. The victim has undergone several surgeries to repair damage. Allegedly, the victim still experiences numbness in both legs and digestive problems as a result of the damage done to her intestines.



In 2002, Hip-hop singer Houston gouged out his eye in a failed suicide attempt. The singer attempted to jump out the window on the 13th-floor of a hotel but was stopped by his security. He was then moved to a lower floor and locked in a room, where he injured his eye.

Bushwick Bill


The explanation behind The Geto Boys' biggest album to date, Bushwick Bill's suicided attempt. In 1991, a drunken Bill went over to his girlfriend's home attempting to convince her to shoot him. After she refused the two got in a scuffle and the gun went off injuring Bill in the eye.

With all the talk of Wu-Tang affiliate Christ Bearer's unfortunate incident, XXL could not help but think that this is not the first time hip-hop has been in this dark place. To the likes of Big Lurch and Bushwick Bill, spawning together the tales of hip-hop's not so flattering incidents, XXL presents "5 Of Hip-Hop's Most Goriest Moments."