Just his name alone is meant to remain a legacy in hip-hop and in music as a whole. Tupac means the foundation of standing up for your beliefs, and what type of music that you want to deliver, no matter what is being portrayed about you.


Trina aka "baddest b*tch," wants to change her image. Trina has been a staple in hip-hop since the late 1990s, known for having some of the most sexually explicit lyrics. Well for her next project, Trina is trying to switch things up to a softer more romantic sound yet still empowering, “It would be more melodic—it’d almost be R&B,” she says in an interview with Newsweek. “It’d be more vulnerable.”

The Queen of Miami talks about how hip-hop is male dominated, forcing her to maintain a singular image and over the top hyper-sexualized rhyme. “I was around the boys so much I was thinking like one of them,” Trina says. “I kind of learned how to come out swinging with a bat.”

[via Newsweek]