Scarface Explains His Verse On The Freddie Gibbs And Madlib Album

Freddie Gibbs Featuring Scarface “Broken”

Verse Three – Scarface

And the money was the root to what the evil is
It’s mandatory for me to live
I hustle harder than the next dude
Remember, everybody is out to get you
Niggas don’t respect to live and let live
So I pack a .40 caliber cause that’s how shit is
Out here, no fear, fuck feelings
Trigger man rule, that’s the art of drug dealing
I’m trying to stack my money to the ceiling
No new friends, don’t wanna talk about old business
Sex on the beach, sipping Guinness
With a bitch so thick she can’t take no dick
Imagine working grave-yard shifts
Lost friends steady talking that shit
A million a day is for minimum wage
Work a nigga like a slave ’til he put him in his grave
Frail moments, same page
(Seven days a week I’m living in a rush
Seven grams of rock, I stuff ‘em in my nuts)

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