Sage The Gemini has been on the scene less than a year and he's already scored several RIAA-certified hits, with his first single, "Red Nose," reaching gold status and his followup, the infectious "Gas Pedal" featuring HBK Gang cohort Iamsu!, going platinum. With a considerable amount of buzz, the California native has managed to entertain the masses and obtain some of the perks of a veteran MC, gracing the esteemed stages at both Jimmy Kimmel and Arsenio Hall, with a Letterman performance scheduled for tonight (March 25).

Today, Sage The Gemini is releasing his major label debut album, Remember Me, out on Republic Records. To mark the occasion, the Bay Area rapper chopped it up with XXL about his diamond aspirations for the project and what fans can expect for the LP. He also speaks on his will to avoid negativity in his music, describing that contrary to popular belief, he's not your typical rapper. Rest assured, he plans to make this debut memorable. —Miranda J.

XXL: How does it feel to be a new artist and have such massive hits?
Sage The Gemini: It’s alright, it’s cool. It only hit me sometimes. I just be like, "Oh, shit, why me?"

What should people look out for on the album?
More creativity, a lot of different stuff. Just overall talent. Actual rapping.

Do you ever get sick of hearing your songs?
Nah, 'cause it’s always an exciting setting. But yeah, I do I get sick of it.

Your songs are so catchy but the concepts are always different.
That’s how it’s supposed to be, 'cause if I come out with something catchy that [they] expect for me to say then it’s not gonna be as exciting. It’s like a game. You gotta, like, really think about it. It just makes the song fun, like, "What does he mean?"

Is there anybody that you look up to?

Is that strange for you guys? The friendly competition, with Su's own album due out next month?
Nah, we are all one person. So we’re not in competition with [each other].