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Redman sat down with MTV News and confirms Blackout! 3 And Muddy Waters 2. Blackout!, a popular collaborative album series with Method Man has produced man classic songs such as "Da Rockwilder," "How High" and "A-YO." Red says that he's waiting on beats from RZA, Erick Sermon and Rockwilder for the album, "Once we get our beats from RZA, Erick Sermon and Rockwilder, then we can take other producers that wanna be a part of the Redman and Method Man experience."

Muddy Waters 2 is a follow up to Redman's third studio album Muddy Waters which some considers his best album. "It's gon be called Even Muddier," says Redman. "I'm not trying to top the Muddy Waters album. What I'm doing by naming it Muddy Waters 2 is to let you relive that '90s kind of sound and experience," Re goes on to say that he's not trying to sound too much like the new generation instead he's "using samples, so that's why I'm calling it 'Muddy Waters 2.' Even f--kin' muddier!" Watch the interview below.

[via MTV News]