Fans have been known to do some weird things, but according to Lil Wayne an overzealous follower once took it to a whole other level. Weezy recently appeared on a SXSW edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Show and revealed that a car-load of female fans once took shots at him, literally. "I've been shot at by a female fan," he revealed to Kimmel. "It was after a show and she was just a very persistent fan, you know. We didn't know what she actually wanted. It's a good thing we didn't figure it out." Tune said the incident started on his tour bus after leaving one show and heading to the next destination. "Once we got on the road, the bus driver was like, 'Hey those girls are on the side of us. He just kept saying it. We wasn't paying him no mind." That is, until the shots started firing.

Check out the entire wild story, below.