Lecrae Rises Above The Christian Rapper Stereotype

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    <p>Photography By: Ben Rollins</p><p>The odds of a rapper who speaks about faith, monogamy and positive human growth forging his legacy in mainstream hip-hop seems rather unlikely, but then again, Lecrae goes entirely against popular culture's opinion of hip-hop. And despite some publications and hip-hop heads painting him into a corner as a "Christian Rapper," the Atlanta-by-way-of-Houston MC isn’t here to teach fans The Bible or to make them believe in any particular truth. Like some of the best MCs of our time—Nas, Jay Z, Scarface or Ghost—'Crae simply wants to paint a picture and tell his story, even if the lens through which he views the world might differ from others.<br /><br />With a number of noteworthy media appearances and chart-topping LPs, coupled with a critically acclaimed mixtape and a Grammy award under his belt, Lecrae finds himself at work trying to tear apart the box that the world helped place him in, while simultaneously paving inroads for the next atypical lyricist. Who said originality was dead? <em>—Marjua Estevez (<a title="estevez" href="https://twitter.com/_MsEstevez" target="_blank">@_MsEstevez</a>)</em></p>
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    <h2><b>On Hip-Hop Being Too Violent And Christianity Too Sanctified:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>There are so many layers to that. From the Christian side, there’s a misconception that Christians are out to prove how much better they are than everyone else, point fingers at them—I think that’s the wrong perception. Jesus himself was like, "I didn’t come to condemn, but to save." He was hanging out with the prostitutes and the sinners. Christians, in reality, we’re just as jacked up as everybody else is, we just have our hope in a different place. And I think that’s the problem, we have a lot of bad representation in hip-hop.<br /><br />As far as hip-hop and it being “too violent,” I just think as soon as people were able to make money, like real money off hip-hop, the corporate infrastructure started to kick in and began to tell us what to write and say, "Look, you not going to get paid unless you making these songs." If you want to talk about education or respect women or better yourself—it’s almost that slave mentality about, "Stop talking about good things and having good things and let’s keep each other down, let’s continue to spread lies."
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    <h2><b>On The Most Common Misconception Of Lecrae:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>That I’m here to make an album where I’m trying to teach you The Bible. That’s not my goal. My goal is to just express myself with the lens that I see things through. When you hear J. Cole’s <i>Born Sinner</i>, he’s expressing himself through his lens. Or Wale, he’s a Muslim and you hear some of his expressions on how he sees the world. So I see the world through a particular lens. I respect women. I’m not going to talk about "make it clap." But it’s not that I’m here to say that you’re a terrible person because <i>you</i> do. It’s just that I’m saying, "Man this is what I’m about. This is what I do and feel about the situation." That’s what I’m out to do in terms of music. There’s a different side of the coin that I feel is underrepresented.
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    <h2><b>On Being Labeled A Christian Rapper:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>When you hear that term “Christian Rap,” two things comes to mind. One: It’s only for Christians, so [you hear], "Oh, that’s not me, I’m Muslim or agnostic." And then two: It’s corny or it’s wack. You probably heard some song in the past that turned you off, and that’s not fair. That’s like my friends who don’t listen to hip-hop at all. They’ll hear one song on the radio one day and say, "I hate rap," when there’s way more stuff out there that’s not being played on the radio. When you look at myself, my team—when you listen to me, Andy Mineo, Trip, you hear quality music. We’re not trying to rap The Bible to you.
  • LEcrae grammy
    <h2><b>On Winning Best Gospel Album And Not Best Hip-Hop Album At The Grammys:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>I don’t make the music to win the awards, I make the music ‘cause I love it and for the people. My concern is when hip-hop ignores truth and beauty and goodness because of a stigma. We’re only hurting ourselves when we’re ignoring truth, beauty and goodness, and that’s all that I’m trying to give to people. When you hear anything dope, you just say it’s dope. I just don’t want hip-hop to say, "Nah, we’re not interested in listening," because of the category we assume my music belongs in. I’m not concerned about being accepted or any of that type of stuff. I’m more along the lines of, I want to help the culture thrive, I want to push things forward.
  • lecrae
    <h2><b>On Success:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>If I’m going to be honest, for one, it’s about humility. It’s being able to take the criticisms and get beat up again and again. For me, it’s enduring a lot of criticism, enduring a lot of hate, it’s people snubbing you and side-eying you and passing you up and not caring anything about you. It’s me not giving up, me saying, "Okay, maybe I did sell more records than this dude, I could go in the Christian market and make way more money than this dude and have more fans than this dude, but I don’t see myself as better than him and I’m going to get in the ring with him and I’m going to sit in these same circles with these guys and keep going." For me it’s about trailblazing, ‘cause I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’m just barely making headway. But it’s all good. There’s going to be somebody after me who’s gon’ come and kill it. And I have made those inroads for them.
  • lecrae1
    <h2><b>On Bridging The Gap To The Mainstream:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>I’m evidence that the gap can be bridged. There’s a lot of people like me. When we come to New York at the Best Buy Theater, you know, it’s packed out because there’re a lot of people like me. Even if we don’t believe in the same truths or the same things, we relate on a lot of different levels. Everybody’s not popping bottles and throwing money at strippers. That’s not the real world. Everybody’s not stepping out of jets or selling drugs, and I think that’s what dominates the landscape. The reason why Macklemore is so successful is because real regular people can relate. That’s really what it comes down to. Being humble enough to continue being yourself and not feeling like you deserve anything. I’m doing this for the next generation, for the people, for the love of the art and the craft.
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    <h2><b>On The Haters: </b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>I mean...your loss. I see that time and time again, but everyone’s had to break those boundaries. I saw people snub Macklemore—"This dude is wack, what is this?" But now look who’s changing the musical landscape. That’s not to say I’m going to do that, but it is to say that I wouldn’t keep pushing if I didn’t think that what I’m doing is effective and worthwhile. So yeah—you’ll see, stay tuned. Come to a show, it’s real. Any artist on my label, I’ll put ‘em toe to toe with any great MC. These dudes really rap, they really spit.
  • lecrae4
    <h2><b>On Being Independent:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>I think it’s the way to go. That’s the future if you really want to make waves and not be conformed to whatever everybody else wants you to be. A lot of times the corporate infrastructure just doesn’t get you because they’re a machine, they’re used to just plugging in, running and getting the check. But I’m connected with people. I’m out performing in front of 20,000 people at a concert. I know what the people want because I’m there in front of them, versus the machine who’s just trying to capitalize on what I’ve already done. And two, if you really want to be a change agent, sometimes you gotta just take it in your course because most people just want to exploit you and are not interested in who you are. As an independent, you get to be about what you really about and be as authentic as you want to be without being diluted.
  • lecrae5
    <h2><b>On Signing To A Major Label:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>We’ve had tons of offers. But I still think the people are slow on the curve. Either they want to put me on a song with the biggest gospel singer or they just don’t quite get it enough, they only see the dollar signs. But we don’t want to ruin what we got going on. We are authentically hip-hop, we are authentically Christian, and that’s okay. There’s a place for us. And plus I grew up on Russell Simmons and loving Diddy and seeing Steve Stoute do what he did and it’s like, "Wow, these dudes are doing it."
  • lecrae6
    <h2><b>On No Malice Refusing To Make Music That Doesn’t Glorify God:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>I can respect his perspective and his desire to grow and standing by his conviction. That’s his conviction and I respect it. I don’t know—it all depends on what he means at the end of the day. He could say music with kick drums doesn’t glorify God, and I would say I disagree. But if that’s your conviction, I respect you. So I don’t know what he means exactly, when he said music that doesn’t glorify God. But if he’s talking about not wanting to talk about selling work anymore, I’m like, great. Not only does it not glorify God, it’s not a good look for us as a culture to glorify detrimental things. If you want to paint a picture, tell the story, but don’t glorify it.
  • lecrae7
    <h2><b>On Going Against His Faith:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>Another common misconception is that we’re perfect people. But we’re not, we’re people who embrace our imperfections. That’s what a Christian is, a person who embraces his imperfections and says, "Man, I am so not perfect and I need to put my trust in someone who is." That’s me, ‘cause I don’t carry myself like I got it all together, I carry myself like I know who does. So all the time, I mess up all the time. But I have a power, a strength and faith to keep me following in what I believe in and get back on track.
  • lecrae8
    <h2><b>On Challenges And Roadblocks:</b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>If people don’t respect you or respect your craft or respect what you do and treat you as such—respect. That’s the biggest thing. My power has been in being humble. Like when I say, "Yo man, I’d love to do a song with you or work on a record with you," and you’re like, "Who? Who is that?" You get what I’m saying? It’s like, okay, cool, I’ll humbly explain to you who I am and what I got going on and it’s not a big deal. That’s been a challenge.<br /><br />I remember talking to this producer and he was like, "Yeah, there’s this guy named Nas," and I was like, "Really? That’s how you gon’ come at me—there’s a guy named Nas, like I don’t know who Nas is?" That’s the kind of stuff I deal with. Those are the challenges I got to deal with.
  • lecrae9
    <h2><b>On Fans' Reactions: </b></h2><strong>Lecrae: </strong>"My life is different now, from listening to your music." Ya know. That’s huge, when someone comes up to you and says, "I’m not the same." I literally, before I got on the phone, was at a concert hall and the guy that set me up was like, "Yo, I just got out of prison and I was listening to your music heavy when I was locked up and it got me through some tough times." That’s what it’s all about. It’s that type of life transformation why I keep doing what I do.

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  • Kish PacenFalife Shedrick

    His lyrics ARE tight…. “just call me double sushi I thought I was 2 raw!!!” TIGHT! Song is Chase That (Ambitions)

    • Mr. 116

      How bout that line on Battle Song? “I was tailored to snatch the mic swiftly like Ye’ did.”

      • Kish PacenFalife Shedrick

        Exxxxxxxactly!!!! He’s slick with it!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Charles Stewart

    God bless you brother! You are bless! Ok lacrae? God bless you! God is moving! Don’t stop pressing forward, you’ve been pressing so far! Don’t stop. God bless you brother and your family. The harvest is ripe but the Laborers is few! God bless you lacrae.

  • Carly Guerrero

    Love Lecrae, but am confused why JayZ is even in the same mention as Lecrae. Anyone remember JayZ’s tee of Satan raping Jesus. Oh yes, Jay Z is a true “good guy”…Sick.

    • Mr. 116

      Even though Jay Z has said some evil statements in his lyrics, he still has some dope skills on the mic, and I think it’s nice to see Lecrae to be brought up with names like Jay or Nas. It’s kind of like seeing Stephen Curry in the same mentions with Lebron or a Kobe Bryant.

    • EPIStLE

      Please study harder. Not defending Jay or anything. He’s done/said enough to incriminate himself, buuuuut…. the shirt is of Joseph of Aramthea carrying the body of Christ after the crucifiction. Women are mourning in the background for the “loss” of the Savior. This is actually a “Christian” depiction of a biblical account. If we Christians are going to refute the enemy, we have to study harder so we don’t look dumb and un-studied in spiritual things. It’s like when you’re favorite team does poorly at the championship game, it’s still your team but you’re like “come on we can do better than that!” So yes Jay-Z’s music is historically totally contrary to what we believe but we gotta do our homework before we prove a point. Stop LOOKING for clues and evidence more than you look in the Word because you give the enemy more attention. #LOVE

      • Carly Guerrero

        You and I aren’t even talking about the same shirt obviously. You do your research and then continue to say it’s not mocking Jesus by bending him over and raping him. Get over it and quit being a blind sheep.

  • Emily

    I love him! For the record quite a bit of the old 116 Clique doesnt fit the typical “Christian Rapper” box. Lecrae just happens to be the most well known. Great messages. Great Lyrics. Great overall music.

  • http://www.vermillionsky.com Kennick

    I disagree, his music is about truth, he is showing people a different way and it happens to be the Biblical way. To discount that Lecrae isn’t trying to get people to look at their situation in the point of view from God. He lets us know that without God he’s nothing, its the pure essence of his music. #JustSayin

  • OverComer27

    Honestly, this guy didn’t even say I give all glory to JESUS, He gave me the gift, He gave me a brand new life, I do it for HIM. Seriously? You do it for the art to be recognized by society and not about preaching the bible? JESUS said go and make disciples of the nations, That requires the gospel in its fullness yet you rep romans 1:16? Lecrae is like joel olsteen. Is calling out someone condemning them? Or exposing evil works of darkness to warn the people? You can still pray for that person but its not but lukewarmness from this guy and reach records. I am all for quality of music and the message but how much long can you swing that in these end times/last days? You still gonna not ”offend” anyone when these rappers talk about the mark of the beast? you think the antichrist won’t have a solution to the poverty and degrading things occurring? Give me a break.

    • Justina


    • charmie jay

      I understand where you’re coming from but God also informed people to have wisdom and to not throw pearls before swine. By letting his music speak for itself he’s able to plant seeds and their own convictions will lead them to what is right. God also said that it is better to let your works speak and teach for you than to run out and scream it to the world. If he was out there condemning the world he wouldn’t reach nearly as many people. He still preaches and teaches you can look them up the media doesn’t cover that part but he does. He still speaks about what he believes is right and wrong. He just isn’t using his music platform to beat people down or call them out because, in doing that, he would actually have the opposite effect. He’d be labeled a radical Christian who was just a bible thumper and a conspiracy theorist and would be overlooked instead of being able to plant seeds in people’s lives and they say “I want to know more about this.” That’s just my opinion though I’m not saying you’re wrong or I’m right just saying that’s what I believe is the reason.

      • Live Bold

        You dont have to be lyrically beating people up with The TRUTH to Still Rep Christ in your Rhymes. There are Many rappers out there who are incredible lyricists, make hot music and arent ashamed to be called a Christian Artist. That doesnt put them ina box because the music Speaks For itself. Bizzle (God Over Money), Selah The Corner, Mouthpi3ce, Japhia Life, No Malice, and many many more! The point is you dont have to water down your bars to be excepted into the Worlds system. If the Music is dope, someone will hear it, and credit to whom Credit is due. And thats Jesus! I Love Lecrae and his music. If I had the opprtunity to tell Leceae anything, I would just say Please making God-Centered Music. Music that doesnt move the body, but Leads one’s Heart to the Savior, Jesus Christ. Your Music is Powerful bro. A couple of years ago when I came to Christ, I was hot mess. Drug dealing, manipulating women, greedy of gain, liying,, self-centered and oh yeah, Rapping. About any and everything that did not Give God Glory. I had opportunities to meet with people and potentially sign with a record label. But before I could make a decision, my Wife (now) & God Convicted Me. If im a Christian, then why do I not make music that Gives God Glory. I wrestled with this conviction for days, and then finally I repented and stepped away from it. I Loved Hip Hop and rapping in general, but if it didnt rep Christ I didnt want anything to do with it. As a person I began to go thru withdraws lol, and I stumbled upon your music Lecrae and it Changed my life FAM, encouraged me, challenged me, and helped build me up Spiritually. I Love You FAM. I Love What you do bro. I just pray that you keep it Christ-Centered. You never know whose life you can help change. God Bless You Bro. 1

        • overcomer27

          type this in on youtube and watch it. Thank you
          ”Ten Commandments REMOVED Ft. LeCrae & Judge Roy Moore”

        • overcomer27

          I was talking about lyrically beating people up. You misinterpreted what I saying. That is ok. Everyone here still didn’t adhere to why JESUS was not mentioned and before any fan says ” He doesn’t have to say jesus” why wouldn’t you on a platform like XXL? Why wouldn’t you give him all the glory honor and praise? Do we love the gift more than the one who gave the gift? I’m not the one to assume. We are in the end times and mixing in with ” culture” is dangerous. Very dangerous. You don’t have to be like the world to bring change. & The change that should be desired should be a change that is powered by the HOLY SPIRIT, not flesh. Not solely on art, or music, these are just tools, a platform. Like I said below, I pray for these guys, we all need prayer until we see judgement day. I know for myself, for a world that denies the true KING, I will stand for him truth, righteousness,justice and holiness.IN the same compassion and love he had but also JESUS had a righteous anger but no one likes to talk about that. My life is not my own, it belongs to Him, I dislike what He dislikes and likes what HE likes. I won’t bow a knee to this world to win souls but rather my purpose be birthed from the spirit of GOD to bring about a change this world needs.

      • overcomer27
      • overcomer27

        I was talking about lyrically beating people up. You misinterpreted what I saying. That is ok. Everyone here still didn’t adhere to why JESUS was not mentioned and before any fan says ” He doesn’t have to say jesus” why wouldn’t you on a platform like XXL? Why wouldn’t you give him all the glory honor and praise? Do we love the gift more than the one who gave the gift? I’m not the one to assume. We are in the end times and mixing in with ” culture” is dangerous. Very dangerous. You don’t have to be like the world to bring change. & The change that should be desired should be a change that is powered by the HOLY SPIRIT, not flesh. Not solely on art, or music, these are just tools, a platform. Like I said below, I pray for these guys, we all need prayer until we see judgement day. I know for myself, for a world that denies the true KING, I will stand for him truth, righteousness,justice and holiness.IN the same compassion and love he had but also JESUS had a righteous anger but no one likes to talk about that. My life is not my own, it belongs to Him, I dislike what He dislikes and likes what HE likes. I won’t bow a knee to this world to win souls but rather my purpose be birthed from the spirit of GOD to bring about a change this world needs and to warn people of what is coming very soon to this planet and how prepare themselves spiritually.

    • Anthony Walker

      Dude dont ever compare lacrar to joel. Lecrae actually reads the bible. Ill bet you havent even listened to a fraction of his music. IT SPEAKS GOSPEL!!!!!

      • overcomer27

        Please look at the link I provided to charmie jay above.

        • Mike Picardi

          That video you posted was disgusting. Pulled out bits and pieces of what was said, applied them in a way Lecrae never actually applied them, and twisted every single word. If I were Lecrae, I would have the creators of that video arrested for slander, because that’s all it is. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Ephesians_2:8-9

      Don’t know where you’re coming from, man. In a number of his songs, Lecrae gives Christ props for his talent and ability to reach the world with his message.

    • Mike Picardi

      Try listening to his music before you make judgements like that. He constantly does everything you just said he doesn’t do and should do. It’s not like magazines ever present things without context or anything…sheesh

      • overcomer27

        I used to be a fan of Lecrae sir. Listening and hearing are to different things and my response or comment here in the thread is to attack no one. For the fans of lecrae, you may feel the way but this is my opinion and many others feel that way. Do I hate lecrae? Of-course not, I pray for him, we all need prayer until we get to heaven but I can say that yes we all have fallen short of the glory of God but it is by HIS Spirit we please HIM. Not our flesh. All I hear is that this rapper is muslim so no one questions that by reach record artist but who has the RISEN MESSIAH? Muslims only see him as a prophet, not the son of GOD, that is antichrist spirit. Why would I want to do a song with antichrist spirit and the music is spiritual?IF this is the case, that is setting people up for the son of satan to come & that is the true. To engage culture in a world and NOT conspiracy because read psalm 2. Read the book of daniel, or revelation, the new world order is real. So engage in culture and I am not saying going out to preach the gospel to the world but our true culture is found YAHWEH. It’s not found in hiphop. It’s not found in art.

    • 116_4_life

      look up lecrae interviews or listen to his songs like “tell the world” & “hallelujah” lecrae is telling people about God. He’s just being smart about the way he does it so he can reach as many people possible & to reach some of the unexpected people too. That’s why he no longer labels himself as a “christian rapper”. by going mainstream he can reach, teach, and preach much easier to the people who actually need Jesus. By staying a christian rapper he can only reach other christians. But why save those who already have been saved. ‘Crae knows what he’s doing and is being very wise about it

      • overcomer27

        What I find interesting with all of the lecrae fans is that you all still dismissed the fact that he didn’t even give JESUS praise honor and glory for at least the gift he has. I know about the other christian rappers labeled by another person above but we are living in a time when you cannot play the fence or even if the world accepts you isn’t right. JESUS wasn’t lukewarm and yes, he did hang with sinners but he told them to go and sin no more, he uplifted them and encouraged them. He did not mix in holy and unholy things, light and darkness have nothing in common. music is spiritual, we all know this and we know who corrupted it in heaven. What I’m saying is that JESUS mission on this earth was to destroy satan kingdom. That is seen in the gospels, it is seen from genesis to revelation. He isn’t coming back to get beat again or crucified but as the lion from the tribe of judah, am I saying we should not extend the same grace of course not but even today, christians have no idea what biblical grace means. That is a totally different subject nonetheless, keep it real, those in the world and those who aren’t can see what’s going on. I used to be a fan of lecrae when i first came into my walk but I was shown somethings and as I grew in GOD, I stopped listening. Am I telling others to stop listening>? Of-course not, I don’t force anything but I speak my opinion of what the truth is concerning this.

  • koko

    Wale is not a Muslim! Lecrae does net get his informations right… simply hear his album ‘gifted’ and you’ll notice

  • Justina

    I haven’t read anything about Jesus Christ in his quotes………… I like Lecrae…but where is his direction going now?? Praying for you Lecrae..

  • Terry Miller

    Eh…they’re gonna say whatever to discredit the mission. It’s ok. The people that get it, GET IT. Lecrae’s songs speak for themselves in what he believes in. The listeners will hear it.

    • Justina

      That is true also..but Paul asks us to give a defense in our salvation. Not whenever you feel it’s beneficial to you.

    • Anapela Nunes

      Yeah you! Terry miller I completely agree and dont know waht people mean by defendin our salvation lecraes music reminds me I can be set apart in this world.. im only in it and not of it.. I appreciate the example and the en couragement .. I dont thjnk being combative because of our salvation helps anyone but the attraction of a living epistle.. I dont think we should overtink things.. having the holyspirit makes things simple and clear.. and makes us able to explain our faith without getting all christianese and high and lofty.. that being said GOD BLESS U LECRAE..AND REACH RECORDS FOR KEEPING PEOPLE LIKE ME IN BIBLICAL MEDITATION TO AWESOME SLICK BEATS MUCH LOVE AND ALOHA FROM HAWAII

  • Mar1bel

    My fave rapper hands down!

  • Johnny D.

    Incredibly well written piece by Marjua Estevez. Glad to see Lecrae get the credit he deserves. Dude is a beast.

  • bigno

    This dude wants to much exceptance. I been following this guy since his first album and can assuredly say he has watered down how often he mentions Christ as salvation. Now b4 you get all “do you have to repeatedly mention to be a Christian.” uhhhh, do some basic video search of his own sayings like “I look back at the old lecraes music much with disappointment- Christian rap is corny, too preachy- etc.” Rehab was his last album when Christ being specifically mentioned alot became less relevant and through that he has exploded in recognition. If you honestly believe he could have blown up while constantly talking about Christ in his music like he did in his old old albums you are kidding yourself.

  • Steve

    He is not a Christian Rapper, HE’S A RAPPER PERIOD.

  • Anapela Nunes

    People overthinking things its just like christians to look at the way someone else ministers and trip out cause people dont minister the way they do.. havent we read that the body is made of many members we all work together to do our part in the will of God. I dont think we should read to deep and focus too much on inventorying other peoples assignment.. we need to study to show ourselves approved.. if u hear his music.. its scripture tha has been chewed on for baby consumption layed on killer tracks..

    • Kish PacenFalife Shedrick

      YES!!! I totally agree 100%!!! It’s hard trying to get a person that has no RELATIONSHIP with the FATHER to understand what we, as believers, are talking about. Loved what you said…. that’s it EXACTLY!

      its scripture tha has been chewed on for baby consumption layed on killer tracks..

  • @Yusher_K

    Nothing is ever of Satisfaction to Human Beings,you can lead cattle to the river but you sure can’t force them to drink it,the media is set up to build and destroy great figures of influence in this case {Lecrae} by discrediting all his career efforts that brought and still continue to bring people closer to Christ through unique Hymns of praise,So just because he had one slip up we supposed to delete his tracks? #YouMustBeOutaYoMind.The media then reveals it’s true form thus being (Illuminati) not the other way around!!!! #KOS @Yusher_K

  • Chris

    Since when did music actually become ministry, PERIOD? Show me in the BIBLE where music was ever used to save a soul.. They preached the gospel and faith in JESUS saves the soul. You all look too much at his music and not at his lifestyle. We are LIVING epistles (lessons/books) that all men can see and read. We truly have a lot of liberty in Christ. I follow info on Lecrae, outside of his music, to see the ACTIONS that he takes as a believer, and I don’t see him denying Christ. He’s not doing anything more damnable than Christians who own restaurants (and slap Jesus on the sign like that means something smh). Now if his music is Anti-Christ, then there’s a problem, but I’ve heard nothing like that from him. All you Christians who think he’s lukewarm because of his music, I challenge YOU to practice what you preach and quit your job if it’s not Jesus-related. Stop EVERYTHING you’re doing if its not 100% Jesus, all-day, every-day. And I also challenge you to STOP CHARGING for your “ministry”.


  • E. Niall Davidson

    You have a reallly awful and clunky mobile website. I can’t even read the article.

  • James

    Here’s my take.. Lecrae started and has spent his career as a Christian artist. It is hard to spend over ten years as a “Christian rapper” & then say all of a sudden… Hey guys just kidding I’m not a Christian rapper anymore… Does it give anyone a shock that his “fans” who he has acumalated throughout the years (who are Christians primarily) are shocked ? For example, Let’s say you were to make shoes for a living. you made a bunch of clients and friendships over the years with many different people who like your style of shoes. Then one day you decide, hey you know what, I’m going to make t shirts instead of shoes. When you announce you are making t-shirts, OF COURSE your old clients are going to be caught off guard.

    Let’s not become judgmental of Lecrae, only God knows where his heart is.

  • Truth

    he is a breath of fresh air for all the people who actually believe in God. Who are tired of hearing of disrespect toward women, and all kind of lascivious behaviors being glamorized as good. Its time for Godlly people to take a stand