Future talks to Tim Westwood about his upcoming album Honest, preparing for a baby with Ciara, being a business man, his hustle mentality and more, including why he's been spending all his time in one particular studio located in London.

"When I walked into the studio, I just caught a crazy vibe in the studio to feel like I can just make spectacular music, some more incredible tunes to add onto the catalogue," explained Future. "Then I found out the history […] I recorded like 3 or 4 songs and I was like 'What it is about this studio that I love, why do I keep recording?' I'm recording back to back, I'm knocking songs out within 30 minutes, and I keep recording and recording. Probably 5-10 joints in this room already and I haven't been here nothing but 2 or 3 days. It's like I feel at home. Then they was like 'Amy Winehouse used to record in the same room you recording in.'"

Watch the entire chat in the video segment below.