Flavor Flav Celebrates His 50th Birthday at JET Nightclub Las Vegas on March 20, 2009

Rapper Flavor Flav was back in court today. Police say the rapper and reality TV star was speeding and driving without a license on January 9th on the Meadowbrook Parkway in Long Island, NY.

However, he was on his way to his Mother’s funeral at the time. Flav was allegedly driving 79mph in a 55mph zone in a black Hyundai and authorities also found with Marijuana when Flav was pulled over. The rapper had hopes on resolving the case today as he entered the doors of the Nassau County Courtroom, with hopes that the judge would show sympathy regarding the circumstances surrounding the case.

The case was postponed until May 16. Flavor Flav also faces other charges in Las Vegas for pushing his fiancée to the floor and wielding two knives as he chased and threatened her 17-year-old son during an argument.-Julissa Escobosa