Crazy Outfits From Potential XXL Freshmen

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  • Yung Lean
  • yung-gleesh-1
  • Shy Glizzy
  • Best Of Both Offices Website Re-Launch Event
    NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 21: Rapper Gunplay attends the Best of Both Offices website re-launch event at the Gramercy Theatre on February 21, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
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  • chinx
  • Boldyja
  • casey-veggies
  • ChanceTR
  • Black-Cobain
  • bodega
  • asap-twelvy
  • bishop
  • A$APNAst
  • AlexWiley
  • 100s

XXL’s selection of artists for the XXL Freshmen 2014 class is almost done, and now it’s time for you to vote for the rapper you want to see grab a spot on the cover. These XXL Freshmen are all very unqiue and talented. Some of them however, wear some pretty crazy outfits. Take a look at the above.

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  • HipHopHead999

    I was expecting a lot worse… At least these guys aren’t wearing dresses, skirts, and painting their fingernails in these pictures… I see that more and more these days and it’s sickening, how did we allow that? Why aren’t more people standing up and saying that’s too fucking far? Look at Future’s fucking outfit from his latest video, what the fuck rapper wears this? What straight man wears this? And I’m not against homosexuals at all, I support gay rights, but this is a so-called straight rapper:

  • oldbooth

    lol what half of them are just dressed in normal streetwear. smh.