While Jay Z and R.Kelly etched themselves into history with their Best of Both Worlds collaborations, the two haven’t been the same since their fallout back in 2004. When the infamous pepper spray incident involving Jay and Kels sprung out at Madison Square Garden, Cassidy said in his interview with, that he provided R.Kelly’s team with two guns to help manage the skirmish among the icons.

“We were backstage, actually by the bathroom backstage, and I’m ready to go on like soon – in a little while. We ready to go and rip it down. Then, all of a sudden, I see all of this commotion. N***** running. Like all these bodyguards running. There’s a whole bunch of screaming and s*** going on. And n***** were talking about him and Jay Z went through something,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy—a rookie at the time—was there to perform his single “Hotel” for the first time with the legendary singer R.Kelly.

“When his managers came on back, it was me and a couple of goons I was with,” explained the Philly rapper. "Them n***** were looking like they were at a disadvantage. So, you know, nah mean, we passed them off a couple burners so they could feel like better about themselves.”

Cassidy provided R.Kelly with two guns and retrieved them later on that night in the hospital.

“Man, we only had probably like three or four of them. I wasn’t gonna give them all of it. I think I gave them two of them,” he said.

Not knowing the R&B star’s problems stemmed from his issue with Hov, Cassidy told Thisis50.Com, “I ain’t know it was with Jay Z and them. All I know was that he got massed and I was supposed to go on stage with him and it was f****** up my night.”

The fiasco curtailed not only the Best of Both Worlds tour, but also the working relationship between Jay Z and R.Kelly.—Carl Lamarre