XXL Predicts Rick Ross’ Album Sales

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Today Rick Ross upcoming album Mastermind was available to stream. Mastermind is being released for commercial consumption on March 4. The XXL staff was polled today on what they think the first-week sales predictions will be.

Rick Ross – Mastermind

Manny. – 100,000

Vanessa – 70,000

Luke – 85,000

Dan R. – 120,000

Miranda – 87,000

Eric– 150,000

Christine – 82,000


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  • All Things HipHop

    I think this album will do at least 150k.

  • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

    100-130k is reasonable. album had lackluster singles, an overhyped jeezy track and and an abundance of features; MMG has faded. Bottom line boss didn’t deliver. I have heard better and am slightly disappointed. I applaud his originality and trying to do something different but the music just isn’t that good #justmytwocents. Maybe I gotta listen to it in the ride to feel it but right now MMG fans forgive him BUT I DONT !

  • Word Is Bond

    this is ross best album to be honest, the type of buzz he has he should not need any singles to boast sells, he is 6 albums in with 5 gold albums, if he is gonna win then he is gonna win,, i think he will do 180K, if u heard the free stream u will know this is his best album and it was put together great, idk what else u want from this man, let his music tell it,, his personal life we dont know about so stop judging him

  • Rgeezy

    I think 75k sounds about right. Ross buzz is at a all time low.

    Who really is Rick Ross? 6 solo albums, a triple C’s group album and 3 compilations later,no one still knows.

  • Ironhands

    I’m a big Ross fan and I like the album but I don’t think it’s his best work and there was no real buzz for the album. 100-125k…maybe.