It's Valentine's Day, and that can only really mean two things—you're either in or you're out. And while there are a couple notable rappers—Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z and Kanye West spring immediately to mind—who are committed to the women in their lives, there are many more who don't have that special someone to lean on. With the big day already upon us, XXL asked some of the hip-hop world for their tips on how to navigate through the Hallmark's favorite holiday, whether it be seduction via a movie night, banking on some whiskey, or avoiding things altogether. Check them out. —XXL Staff



G-Eazy's Valentine's Day Advice

I don’t watch movies, man. I just drink whiskey. And I let her pick the movie. It’s really, you just got to take her to a nice restaurant, a nice white tablecloth, a little fancy joint with a reservation. [Have a] nice bottle of wine and just make an impression. The rest is on you to seal the deal. It’s just simple. 


Rockie Fresh's Valentine's Day Movies

Love & Basketball: Me dealing with a lot of African American females, [that's] one of those movies that they're real big on. You definitely got to watch that.  

The Notebook: Then me being able to look at some other races as well, got to go to this one.  

Paid In Full: One of the movies I like to put girls on to because it does have a relationship element to it. It got like the vibe, girls really get a kick out of the line, “You got the sauce all on your cheeks.”  

Love Jones: Just another solid one.



Kirko Bangz's Tips For Being Single

I'm trying to navigate my ass through this snowstorm back to Houston. [Laughs] But for a single guy, just don't go buying no damn gifts, man, and be careful what you accept. I know me, I'd fuck around on Friday and not even know it was Valentine's Day and be like, "Hey, come through," and fuck myself up. [Laughs] Take a bitch to the movies or something and she's thinking it's more than what it really is. But just don't buy no gifts, man. Know the day of the week, for sure. I wanna know who invented Valentine's Day. Who said there had to be a holiday to buy your girl something? That was smart for them. It causes more problems than good, man. You get to forgetting shit, buy the wrong shit, buy some shit the bitch don't want the shit. That shit causes more breakups than anything!


OverDoz's Valentine's Day Movies

Boomerang: It shows what most of us at our age are dealing with right now. Just wanting to meet as many girls as you can and try to find the perfect girl. But in all that process there’s really no perfect girl. In that movie Halle Berry was in front of him the whole time. He learned the lesson that it’s not necessarily about the prettiest girl, it’s about who you vibe with the most.  

Love Don’t Cost A Thing: You shouldn't go with people just because of their money and their stature. It’s a high school movie; it’s a classic.  

I Am Legend: On Valentine’s Day, all we really trying to do is hit [it], so that’s a long as movie. Women won’t really want to watch it.