T-Pain Says Urban Music Is Homophobic


Homophobia in hip-hop has been a hot topic for a while now. T-Pain is the latest urban artist to speak out on the topic, recently doing so in a sit-down interview with VladTV. Though a number of rappers have come forward with preaching acceptance, Pain says homophobia in urban music circles is still a big deal. “You ever notice how homophobic niggas is all the time,” said T-Pain when questioned about the topic. “It’s like, dude if you ain’t gay, then gay things shouldn’t bother you, gay people shouldn’t bother you. You ain’t going to get your ass pumped dude, ain’t nobody trying to look for you my nigga,” he added.

The Tallahassee entertainer went on to speak on the homophobic lingo that has become custom in some circles. “You can say gay things but not be seen as gay. You don’t gotta say, ‘No homo.’ You ain’t gotta say, ‘I want a hot dog, no homo…’ Be comfortable with your manhood. We know you fuck bitches my nigga,” he said.

Pain conceded that the radio is currently opening it’s doors to “gay friendly” music but said the entertainers themselves have a long way to come, citing Frank Ocean’s situation as an example. “I think the radio is getting more gay-friendly,” he said. “I don’t think urban music is getting more gay-friendly because if that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs. I know niggas that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the fucking song and that’s so terrible to me man… What I do ain’t going to affect nothing that you got going on.”

Check out the entire interview, below.

[via Vlad]

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  • Xman31

    Watch he about to come out the closet next.

  • AZ40

    I do feel a lot of that shit is just childish

  • Larry Smiley-El

    I thought T-Pain was a much more intelligent person than this… I don’t care how people live their lives one way or the other, however I detest having homosexuality pushed in my face every time I turn on a radio or television, or open a browser, etc. There’s nothing right or wrong about it except that based on how our bodies are designed and how we reproduce ourselves physically tells me it is to be avoided. No one can make others promote what is objectionable to them, especially someone who has a mass media platform. Everyone I know both in the private citizen and public personality realms are conscientious enough to avoid promoting their own flaws. Why help someone promote something we are opposed to? Call it what you want, I say it’s a flaw and I do not support it nor will I help someone promote it. If a person is gay, that’s their business – do what you do with whom you like, etc. But don’t come to people who object to your “behind-closed-doors” activities saying I’m gay, you’re going to like it, and by the way here’s my new record, you’re going to like this too. No. I’m not (if it promotes homosexuality). There are plenty of records out there that promote love without promoting homosexuality even if the artist is actually singing about homosexuality. Keep it to yourself. Whoever dislikes it, I don’t know what to tell you.