Mase Speaks On Almost Swinging On J. Cole, Says He’s The Only Artist To “Really” Get Paid By Diddy


After years in limbo, Ma$e’s rap career looks to be heading in a positive direction with a new album titled, New We Even, in the works and promising collaborations on deck. The former Bad Boy rapper recently clocked in for a sit down with Detroit’s Power 107.5, and, among other things, revealed he believes he was the only Bad Boy rapper to get his just due from Diddy and talked about an altercation that almost happened with J. Cole.

Since finally being released from his Bad Boy contract after 16 years in 2012, Betha has been spotted on occasion with Diddy, most recently at reuniting to perform at the Beats pre-Grammy party and linking for the opening of a new Revolt studio in Hollywood. “Sometimes we have a lot of issues, but I’m grown so I can respect the good that he’s done,” said Ma$e. Unlike several Bad Boy artists, Ma$e contends that his time on the label wasn’t all bad, monetarily. “I’m the only artist who got paid by Puff, like really, really, paid. Puff will tell you I get really, really, paid,” he stated.

While talking about the newer artists who are on his radar, the Harlem World rapper revealed he almost put hands on J. Cole for a perceived diss the NC rapper delivered in a song. “I like J. Cole when he’s not taking shots at me,” Ma$e said. “I saw him one day, I was gonna hit him, but I felt like I was too grown to be knocking light skin people out. But I really like him as an artist.” The former pastor said he chalked up the misunderstanding to the age difference between the rappers. “That’s a different generation,” he added. “In our generation you said something on a record, we see you it’s action. But when I saw him I was thinking, ‘Oh, he’s just a kid… he don’t get it.’”

Check out the entire interview, where Murda talks his relationship with Cam and Jim Jones and more, below.


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  • dre day

    Fuck your money

  • Randy

    Yeah you’re so grown but you want to swing on someone cause you thought the z”dissed” you on a record. Sounds like you have a lot more growing to do

  • fukyamudda1

    mase a clown

  • Mr. Propane

    What you mean by “just a kid…” cause J. Cole is close to being 30 years old.

  • NightBlazer

    He needs the buzz cause he died off when Bad Boys fell off in the late 90s.

  • Mr Lu the Riddler

    Isn’t this the same nigga that got socked by Ghostface.. He should chill before he gets served.

  • Houston TX mayne

    Is this Pastor Mase or Gangster Mase?? This fuck boy confuses me…