Let Birdman Teach You How To Stunt

No one stunts like Birdman. Stunna Life is Birdman’s life 24/7 365. If you follow him on Instagram, you can easily see that he knows the in and outs about living life lavishly and showcasing it. Number one rule, don’t ever look at the camera.

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  • Kevin Kim

    umm I’m so confused what does those stars mean on Birdmans head? please somebody tell me?lol just checking 2 c who knows what the HELL is going on

    • Noah

      He’s a dragonball

    • Elder Gary Hayden

      Just Go Search The Occult Of The Illuminati And It Will Give You All The Info

      • Southcidal

        Every successful black man is “illuminati” huh? Never heard all of this illuminati talk before Obama was elected.

        • Elder Gary Hayden

          Not So, Just Because A Black Man Makes It Does Not Mean He’s In The Illuminati,It’s Been Going On Before Time’s Sir,We Just Refuse Info,That’s Why Research Is Always Done Before The Truth Is Revealed!It’s That Simple