George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West


Though George Zimmerman thinks Game would be a “perfect” opponent, he says he’d prefer to fight Kanye West. According to TMZ, Zimmerman is targeting ‘Ye because the rapper/producer has “history of attacking defenseless people,” including the paparazzi. Luckily for West, he won’t be prosecuted for his latest violent incident, instead reaching a settlement with the teen he put hands on for disrespecting Kim Kardashian.

Yeezus is seemingly smaller in stature compared to Zimmerman, but if George wants to pick a fight with a celebrity his own size, we have some suggests for him here.


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  • Slame_Wallace

    Not only is this the least interesting thing on the site, but George Zimmerman has nothing to do with hip-hop. Step it up XXL. #SMDH

    • Grim Fury


      • Slame_Wallace

        you’re a fool and a busta if you think Kanye isn’t a MAJOR part of

        • Grim Fury

          Well that’s my point. This story involves Kanye, who does have something to do with hip-hop. That was me countering your comment.

          • Candace

            Kanye hasn’t acknowledged any of this. Only GZ. Let me find out George is making hip hop news for Kanye. Yep, step it up, XXL. Y’all giving him too much power.

          • Grim Fury

            Making small hip hop new is having power? If nothing comes of this, we are all going to forget this story anyway. So. how much power is that, exactly?

  • Grim Fury

    He wants to fight Kanye because of his “history of attacking defenseless people”?

    …How ironic.

  • Clondyke Classic

    I don’t wish death on nobody but can sumbody just kill dis nigga already

  • housewlk

    Can this Zimmerman man go away,we do not want to see his face again.i wonder what Travon mother is feeling to hear this man in the news,he should be ashame of himself.

  • suigetsuthirsty

    fuck emboth

  • housewlk

    Please take this ass Zimmerman off this page thank you.

  • Truth teller

    xxl should be a shame. they give this guy to much attention. He killed a kid and got famous. So now hes a celebrity. Man this messed up. I wounder what tryvonn would have done with his life? If he had been given a chance to live it. F GZ and XXL.

  • summer

    I would pay good money to see them kill each other.