In light of the NFL’s recent effort to penalize players for saying the word, Common recently appeared on ESPN‘s "Outside The Lines" alongside Michael Wilbon and Jason Whitlock to delve into the topic of using the term "n*gga."

"I'm speaking in a language that we do talk. And if I talk over those people's head or I don't use language that I would naturally speak in raps, they may not get the message," Common said when he was asked about using the word in his songs. "Our Intention behind the word has to be understood… kids are not fighting each other because of the N-word… it's bigger issues than that."

Firmly sticking to his argument, Common makes clear he will not stop using the controversial term. "So when I use the word in my raps, I'm using it as a way to communicate because I do communicate like that and I won't stop communicating like that."

Watch the full clip here.