Bill O’Reilly Wants To Get Rid Of Jay Z, Kanye West And Other Gangsta Rappers

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    Jay Z's Shawn Carter Foundation helps low-income students “further their education at institutions of higher learning" by providing scholarships both in the U.S. and abroad.
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Bill O’Reilly sat down with Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett on Thursday night (Feb 27) to discuss Obama’s new initiative, called “My Brother’s Keeper.” The initiative main purpose is empowering boys and young men of color who are at risk.

O’Reilly initially made some good points then he called Kanye West and Jay Z gangsta rappers. ”You have to attack the fundamental disease if you want to cure it,” the Fox News host said. “You’re gonna have to get people like Jay-Z, Kanye West, all these gangsta rappers to knock it off.”

It didn’t stop there. O’Reilly continued on with his protest. “They [young men] idolize these guys with the hats on backwards, and the terrible rap lyrics and the drugs and all of that,” O’Really said. “You’ve gotta get these guys.” Watch the discussion below.

[via HufPo]

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  • Espy

    I see where this guy is coming from but he thinks Rome was built in a day… this isn’t going to happen. Keep dreaming bud, welcome to the new era of America.

  • Clayton t. 8

    1st amendment rights, thats the bottom line. fuck bill o reilly

  • I need more cowbell


  • warrnp

    How da hell is kanye a gangsta rapper???
    Jay-Z aint went hard in over 10yrs
    o’reilly’s delusional

  • Are you kidding me

    bill o’reilly is beyond ignorant. If Michelle Obama went on Fox News doing what he said she would have no impact. First how many teenage girls watch the O’reilly factor second they don’t go out saying oh I want to get pregnant things happen they are getting older they have sex and accidentally get pregnant very few teens actually are stupid enough to purposely get pregnant at such an early age, and third if telling them don’t go out and get pregnant was enough to change their mind then not many girls would be getting pregnant at a young age.

  • Are you kidding me

    Also doesn’t Jay-z have a charity for children growing up in poorer communities. Kanye went to colleges to speak also to the students there. Bill O’Reilly knows nothing about hip/hop “terrible rap lyrics”. There are many songs out there that are positive. Gangsta/hood/trap music is less trying to influence teens to do wrong its more of a reflection of the environment the rappers are from. The music doesn’t make the hood the hood makes the music.