Today, Noisey is premiering the fifth installment of their Chiraq documentary series, which looks at a number of aspects of Chicago's massive drill music scene, and they celebrated last night with a premiere showing of six of the series' episodes. XXL was in the building, and we compiled a list of five of the best moments and scenes from the as-yet-unreleased episodes. Turn up.

chief keef

young chop chiraq

Young Chop doesn't have a driver's license, and gets around by being driven by his hilarious mom. He also wants his own reality show, which, judging by his demeanor and the fantastic interactions he has with his mother and friends, he definitely deserves. He also only smokes hookah (cactus breeze) because it's flavored.

Chop was 19 at the time of the documentary, and Noisey brought him downtown to Chicago's famous reflective Bean for the first time. While he was there, he talked about his time in Paris working on Kanye West's Yeezus album, particularly how much he hated the food. Keef was there, too, but apparently left after a day because he didn't like the weed.

young chop the bean

Lil Reese and Lil Durk are explored in Chiraq, with Durk at one point being referred to as the Superstar In Waiting of the drill music scene. So Noisey asked Chop: what does Reese have to do to get as big as Durk? The answer: "Listen to Chop."

lil reese lil durk chiraq

Chief Keef really, really likes driving ATVs, but he doesn't seem like he's very good at them. At one point, he managed to stall his ATV while trying to speed away from his friends with one of their blunts.


Keef apparently spent $10,000 on paintball equipment, which he then used to randomly spray his whole crew with paintballs. It seemed like everyone had a story of being hit, but it was Tadoe who apparently came out of the situation with a patch over his eye.


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