Firefighters had to be called to a hotel in Melbourne, Australia after smoke in rapper Snoop Dogg's room set off a false alarm, reports The Guardian. We think it's safe to say Snoop Dogg wasn't burning any food and was more than likely blowing that sticky icky. Nevertheless, the respondents took time to take a few flicks with The Doggfather. Trevor Bowen, senior station officer commented, "It was pretty funny. We had a brush with Mr. Snoop himself. He asked us for a photo because he said he always wanted to be a firefighter.” Snoop later posted the pictures to his Instragram account with the captions "Fire dept Shut it down!!" and "Blew it down.!!" There was no fire to be found in the rap star's room and the firefighters who responded would not comment on what caused the false alarm.

Snoop is "Down Under" to perform at the Big Day Out music festival in Melbourne.