Jay Z recreated an iconic Andy Warhol pose.

Legendary Roc-A-Fella A&R Lenny S posted a photo on Instagram of Hov mimicking the pose while him and the rapper were on a private tour of a Pittsburgh museum. The center for art was closed off to the public to give Jigga enough time to consume its content before performing for the MCHG tour set.

Director Eric Shiner praised Jay Z's contributions to popular culture, and said fellow contemporary artist Andy Warhol would be a fan of his music.

“Art imitates life in myriad ways, so it was a huge honor for us to welcome one of the coolest Warhol collectors in the world to the Andy Warhol Museum," said the director. "Andy would have loved Jay Z for his defining role in contemporary popular culture, and it was fantastic to see this icon of fame standing amidst our own iconic Warhol works"

[via WPXI]