NY Post Writer Says Jay Z Is A Bad Husband

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Jay Z and his bodacious wife Beyoncé opened up the 2014 Grammy Awards with a performance that will inevitably go down in history. If Mrs. Carter’s skimpy get-up wasn’t enough, surely her “surfboarding” alongside the hubby as he and other men watched was. As a result, the couple’s live rendition of “Drunk In Love” ensued plenty of global backlash to say the least. Not only has Beyoncé been called a “whore” since the salacious duet, but today Hov is being labeled as a “poor excuse for a husband.”

“What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?” pens Naomi Schaefer Riley of the NY Post. “I’m certain if I look through enough Jay Z song titles, I’ll come up with the right name for his role in Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Rhymes with Goodyear. . . ? Well, how about I just call him a poor excuse for a husband.”

Riley deems it Jay’s responsibility to keep his wife in check (or in this case, publicly decent and respectable), which then raises the topic of sexism. Perhaps it was all Beyoncé’s idea and not her spouse’s. But Riley feels the Carters are flat-out sending the wrong message about holy matrimony.

“Well, for one thing, the happy couple have invited audiences to admire their adorable family, with dad even joking about his daughter’s sippy cups when he accepted an award on Sunday,” explains the columnist. “So they’re suggesting to audiences that this kind of public sexual behavior is compatible with a loving modern marriage.”

Watch the performance in question below and sound off in the comment section after the jump.

[Via NYPost]

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  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Media needs to but the hell out of people’s lives. Who sits back and analyzes public figures until they come up with so much negativity that they’re making themselves look like poor little children who can’t find their pacy. GTFOH. Land of the free my ass.

  • http://www.worldstarpimp.com/ GET $$$ CLICK HERE TO GET $$$

    lol ,haters gone hate. bey looked soo sexy

  • John Jay

    it is show…business.

  • ShortDogg

    Shake that ass B! Jay enjoy! Freaking haters!

  • Andre Clark

    its funny how the person who wrote this made enough to buy a pair of jordans but Jay and B made MILLIONS….

  • disqus_enGmSNsPgd

    it’s entertainment and they were great!

  • Mashmanigger

    Naomi Schaefer Riley – You racist bitch

  • that dude

    Wow. Can’t believe what I just read. It called performing. And it was incredible. Can anyone on here find what this person wrote about Miley Cirus’ performace a couple months ago? She probably loved it. A happily married billionaire couple putting on a performance of a lifetime and this is all this columnist could come up with? Sad.

  • Cat

    People are so ignorant today…then they want to blame the youth for what they created…so sad…He is nothing but a PIMP! What husband would feal comfortable with their wife and child’s mother doing this in front of millions…so pathetic that people say anyone is hating…till their daughter’s and wives start behaving this way…

    • icon kain

      sound like u have a bad body shape . b/c any one with a sexy one will love to show it off. That’s what she worked for and she was doing this be for dhe ever got with j. Her show shows women u can have a baby a man a family and still be powerful and sexy and the saME DME TIME. your bad body a** just hatting

  • Lamont Coleman

    Sooo… What Rhymes With Goodyear?

    • Bubulito

      HoodTears!! Duhhh!! Lol

  • icon cain

    No One Had to watch so if u did. SHUT UP ABOUT IT

  • Senora

    Leave Jay-B alone… Every artist in the industry talk about sex in their lyrics. The work they put into the songs they make do not reflect their personal life. Its a performance. That dont make him a bad husband and it dont make her a whore. If you so concerned about your kids dont let them watch it. If a stranger has more influence on your child than you do then you need to step it up. His “eat the cake Anna May” lyrics is a phrase from a famous movie that everybody uses from time to time mostly as a joke. That dont mean hes beating on her. What’s wrong with u ppl? Get a life and stop tryna make one out of everybody elses!!!

  • Kiki

    NO! Definitely do not agree! Beyonce calls all the shots when it comes to her career that is very obvious. If anything, Jay Z goes along with her to make sure she is creatively happy! Why must Jay Z even be considered the villan here? Why does a man get blamed as the pimp whenever his spouse acts sexually aggressive? Beyonce is a grown woman making her own decisions. She is worth over $100 million dollars. If she wanted to stop making music, I don’t think Jay Z would care. He’s got his own career, multi-million dollar making businesses including Roc Nation. And best of all he has Rihanna who makes him millions too. Hello!

  • Kiki

    The other thing is Beyonce is definitely playing tag a Rihanna, to keep her career #1! Beyonce has never worked harder to be edgier, sexier or flaunting her husband on social media. Music insiders know Beyonce is a bit jealous and threatened at Ri Ri’s popularity helped by social media etc. Beyonce is no fool! Her new album Beyonce is dripping with sex, the words are raunchy and the videos titillating with rump-shaking because RIHANNA is putting that out there with full-force and grabbing headlines. Meanwhile Beyonce is a powerful singer but she feels that is no longer enough. She puts out tons of pics a day on social media, bikini styles similar to Rihanna. Plus her new album drops her singing and her voice sounds exactly like Rihanna! Beyonce looked sexy but thirsty on the Grammys, that performance wasn’t her thing.

  • Nettaj

    I’m 56 years old & I am NOT a Beyoncé or Jay Z fan, so call me a hater if you like…Because that’s what most of you young people or fans will say anyway. WRONG!!! I could care less about what they do….She can show & shake her tail 24-7, for all I care. I just DON”T like the fact that some people without good sense, have the nerve to call these people role models. NOT!!! This act is NOT appropriate for young viewers and it’s morally wrong. So I ask myself…Who are they role models for? Definitely NOT my Son’s or Grandchildren.