Did Doe B’s Accused Murderer Appear In Late Rapper’s Music Video?


One of the two men who have been arrested and charged with the shooting death of Grand Hustle MC, Doe B may have appeared in the rapper’s video for the popular song, “Let Me Find Out.” The video, filmed in B’s hometown features a number of individuals in neighborhood settings posing for the camera. In the opening scene of the video, (at the :11 second mark) a man appears holding a semi-automatic handgun. The man looks to be Darius Thomas, 25, who turned himself in to authorities Wednesday, Jan. 1, for the murder of B, born, Glenn Thomas, and 21-year-old Troy student Kim Johnson.

As previously reported, Doe B and Johnson were shot to death at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on Highland Avenue where the rapper was prepping to perform. Six other people were injured during the gunfire. Two men, Jason McWilliams and Thomas have turned themselves in to the authorities and have been charged with two counts of capitol murder. Police believe the motive for B’s killing may have been an ongoing beef between Thomas and the accused.

Peep the :11 second mark of the video, below.

(L) Darius Thomas (R) Jason McWilliams (Source: Montgomery Police Department) (L) Darius Thomas (R) Jason McWilliams (Source: Montgomery Police Department)

[via Vlad]

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  • Jizzle

    Damn shame smh

  • Christopher Watson

    Damn this is bs. I cant believe this happened. Now niggas is gonna try to make money by making t shirts saying RIP but i hope the family gets a cut like Drake did with the Yolo Polo Clothing on UnchartedMediaGroup.com

  • Daniel Simmons

    this some bullshit man i swear..your own fuckin “friend”/”homie”

  • TimGeezy

    That’s definitely him at :11

  • atlsongbyrd

    That’s why you can’t do music like this, because it always comes back to hunt you.

  • gninsey

    i saw a pic of him beside Doe B and another guy on twitter they were homies at one time, prolly the used the same strap hes holding in the video

  • stop tha bulls#@t

    killed him cause he was comin up nd they wasnt makin no noise

  • G’s Child


  • kaleb

    That’s why when ya make ya money hurry up and get out the hood or a nigga get jelouse like they did to lil snupe r.I.p lil snupe & doe b that mean don’t trust anybody when ya got money like that. That is a shame though fr. An the song why by doe b and t.I. go hard but sad asf