Amalgam Digital CEO turned rapper Anyextee, the man who has helped the careers of artists like Max B, Joe Budden, Lil B, and Curren$y, has stepped into the game with his release of the visual for, "Executive Decision." The grey-haired MC tackles a hard hitting boom-bap track while rhyming in front of various visually stimulating backgrounds. The rapper's debut album Executive Decisions is dropping February 25. The LP will boast production from !llmind, MoSS, Lak Davinci, Premise, D1, Ron Alpha, RT Beats, Good Will, TGP Productions, and VividEnd.

Check out the cover art and track list for Any's forthcoming release, below.

1. The Purpose & Power of This Poems Patterns
2. Power Point Presentation
3. Lord Is My Shepard
4. Cease & Desist
5. Living The Transfiguration
6. Get Higher
7. Annunaki
8. Illumi-Not-Eye
9. SpinCycle
10. Anthems For The Proletariat
11. Woke Up In Vegas
12. Misfits
13. Mid Life Crisis
14. Details (Free MAX B)
15. Kymatica & Kava
16. The Light